Video Premiere: MMMΔ “Nomenklatura”

Darkness shrouds the sharpest edges on MMMΔ’s “Nomenklatura,” but the monolith stands tall, abrasive, and immovable. This approach may be new, but MMMΔ’s spellbinding tension remains. Electronic patterns ring around cryptic messages written in an ancient language and translated through sound. A solid rhythm emerges, enchanted through concrete resonance and brittle spectacle. Boots to the ground for a forward push where a heavy-processed voice spells out demands with ghostly precision. Shadows loop in all directions, rising and falling against the sonic tides tightening the vice squeezing every last ounce of tension from “Nomenklatura.” The escape is written in stone. 

“Nomenklatura” will be released in digital formats tomorrow (with b-side “Onomatologia”) via their Antifrost label. A limited 12” (edition of 48 copies that is bundled with a t-shirt) will also be available for pre-order tomorrow. MMMΔ’s Bandcamp is HERE and Antifrost’s HERE.

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