Video Premiere: AUTORHYTHM “Hand-Eye Coordination”

On the latest single from AUTORHYTHM, multifaceted rhythms and hypnotic melodies beam in from another plane. Building slowly, the eccentric angled repetitions become a dizzying array of lucid tones. Synths buzz and whirr into oblivion states. Transfixed by a distant glow, the timbral shapes are lithe, polyrhythmic spellcasters intent on hypnotizing anyone within earshot. It’s fantastic and overwhelming. 

To buoy the effect of these sounds, AUTORHYTHM worked with video artist, moireluv, who uses an analog modular video synthesizer to channel “Hand-Eye Coordination” into mesmerizing colors and shapes. It’s a one-take, immersive trip that heightens the piece’s impact and pushes it into futuristic realms. 

“Hand-Eye Coordination” is out now via Thanatosis. Stream below and pick it up HERE.

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