Inside No. 9, Episode #12 (Part One): The Best of 2022 (light between the shadows)

Inside No. 9, Episode #12 (Part One): The Best of 2022 (light between the shadows)

December sees Inside No 9 taking a slightly different tact and offers you 24 songs for advent. Here is Part 1 of a 2 part mix. This is the first 12 songs from a glorious year of records. This mix includes reissues but focuses more heavily on new music. All of the music (except Les Rallizes Denudes) is new to me. 2022 has been an impossibly difficult year for your loyal contributor. Music has been a constant salve to the troubles, and Foxy Digitalis has helped make everything a little less shit. So a massive thanks to Brad and all the FD readers!

Thanks to everyone that has listened to my shows over the last 11 months. I have loved collecting and sharing all the best weird and wonderful music I could find in my collection. I hope you enjoy this selection of 24 songs from 24 very special records that landed this year.

All of the music here is pulled from vinyl. Tape and CD. As a collector of music, I implore you to search for a copy of each of these releases. If not to support the art, but to make moving house a complete ball-ache.

As with all these mixes, this has been a joy. Listening back to all I’ve heard and picked up this year was a very tricky but joyous task. Here are twelve magic pieces of sonic wonder ranging from jazz to solo bedroom rituals, from 70s underground classics to avant-home recordings.

These are 12 tracks from 12 records I will never be without, and neither should you.

(As with all my mixes, this is made up of music recorded from analog sources, so expect crackles and a lot of love.)

Door One
New Light
Collin Walcott, Don Cherry & Nana Vasconcelos
Codona Trilogy

Door Two
Part One
Midori Takada
Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter

Door Three
Simon James
Electronic Breeze

Door Four
Parts 1 & 2
Oren Ambarchi

Door Five
Once They Get in Here (Taps Head) It’s Game Over Man
Once They Get in Here (Taps Head) It’s Game Over Man

Door Six

Door Seven
On Modernity
Friend of God from the Oberland

Door Eight
For a Chisos Bluebonnet
Eli Winter
Eli Winter

Door Nine
Toshi Ichiyanagi, Michael Ranta, Takehisa Kosugi
Improvisation Sep 1975 – Side A

Door Ten
White Waking
Les Rallizes Denudes
The Oz Tapes

Door Eleven
Crys Cole
A Piece of Work

Door Twelve
Andrew Chalk
The End Times

Inside No. 9 is an attempt to share unique narratives through the mixing of 9 songs. Every episode will showcase a new theme, opening up new tributaries of discovery. Inside No. 9 is presented by Peter Taylor, a former features writer for Foxy Digitalis from back in the late 2000s. Peter is a visual artist and musician and has been creating music as MAbH since 2008. 

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