Track Premiere: Scott Matthews “New Skin (Acoustic)”

Among the gentle acoustic guitar plucks and lilting vocal melodies, “New Skin” reflects on change and stagnation. Scott Matthews’s voice pierces through the soft sonic clouds to scatter light into unknown corners, to illuminate the unfamiliar pathways so that the uncharted distance isn’t so daunting. “Before I’m fully aware of it, a change has taken place,” he explains, “I often struggle to recognise the person wearing the new skin, unsure of who I am and who I’m supposed to be.” 

Cascading, simple chord progressions bring a weightlessness to these complicated reflections, buoying Matthews’ dazzling vocal performance. It takes the sting out of the underlying message and the difficult questions we find ourselves stuck beneath. Moving forward sometimes feels impossible but imperative. “The tapestry I’d woven around myself felt comforting and reassuring, like when we head straight for the same clothes in our wardrobe, but there comes a time when your favourite shirt no longer fits,” Matthews shares, continuing, “Over the years, the tapestry becomes threadbare and another year feels like a guessing game searching for a new identity, seeking answers to questions that can sometimes feel mountainous and too heavy to ask.”

“New Skin (Acoustic)” is the second single taken from Scott Matthews’s new album, Restless Lullabies, out April 28. Pre-order HERE.

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