Video Premiere: Doom Flower “Sweep”

Doom Flower fills the night’s hollow with a cool glow within the churn of mechanical rhythms, stilted guitar excursions, and buried bass globules. Jess Price’s voice cuts through the midnight echoes, hanging above the matte-infused layers of stoic sonics bolstered by this shrine to the beautiful resonance of decay. Black and white imagery pushes us forward. “Sweep” glides effortlessly through forgotten landscapes with melodic purpose, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Doom Flower “Sweep”

Video Premiere: Fruit LoOops “Worthington”

Globules of neon-soaked sonic decimation are like a warm, enveloping greeting from the opening thrall of “Worthington,” off Fruit LoOops‘ stellar 2022 album, Last Chance at the Pharmacy. Skittering rhythms careen through blacked-out corridors, shifting the trajectories of a thousand angular guitar shards. All the pieces come together like a surrealist sonic sculpture fitted with broken glass dreams. Cathartic frenzy pours out of director Sam Jayne’s vivid … Continue reading Video Premiere: Fruit LoOops “Worthington”

Video Premiere: Purple Decades “Everthus the Ether”

Bliss is a fleeting memory permeating the intimate landscape of Purple Decades’ (aka Cincinnati’s Tristan Eckerson) beguiling “Everthus the Ether.” Repeating phrases etch into our internal dialogue, thawing layers of emotive permafrost with emotive passages and expressive vulnerability. “Everthus the Ether” is a wistful coda for a time of separation leading to reconnective embraces. Mathilde Delli’s excellent video enhances the underlying feeling present throughout. Alone … Continue reading Video Premiere: Purple Decades “Everthus the Ether”

Video Premieres: Biliana Voutchkova & Jeff Surak

Biliana Voutchkova’s DUOS series continues to be one of my favorite things about 2022. Unleashing album after album in conjunction with Relative Pitch Records, there’s not much time to come up for air. That’s a big part of the appeal for me, as Voutchkova’s unique approach and style are instantly recognizable yet always shapeshifting. Each release in the series has been a world unto itself, … Continue reading Video Premieres: Biliana Voutchkova & Jeff Surak

Video Premiere: Matt Rösner “Ripples on Time”

A warm whisper sifts through raindrops as dawn’s breath dances across glistening piano arrangements and ephemeral spaces. Rösner’s approach with “Ripples on Time” ground it with an air of chance, the piece beginning life as a loose piano improvisation that holds up a meticulous house of sonic elements. It’s a theme throughout his forthcoming album, Empty, Expanding, Collapsing, and “Ripples on Time” brings it in spades. … Continue reading Video Premiere: Matt Rösner “Ripples on Time”

Video Premiere: Matt McBane and Sandbox Percussion “Bathymetry 6 – Surface”

With the latest video from their recent album, Bathymetry, Matt McBane and Sandbox Percussion encase listeners within a crystalline soundworld on “Surface.” Textural movements glide through clear space, the only hints of friction coming in the interactive silhouettes between ASMR-infused scrapes and the bass echoes of a Moog synthesizer. For music so spacious, the detailed interactions become intimate focal points that bring a gentle warmth to … Continue reading Video Premiere: Matt McBane and Sandbox Percussion “Bathymetry 6 – Surface”

Video Premiere: loscil // Lawrence English “Violet”

Pulling the curtain back on this fantastic new collaboration from two all-timers reveals a methodic approach to creating restrained grandeur. Using a collection of recordings from a century-old pipe organ in Brisbane, Australia, Scott Morgan (aka loscil) and Lawrence English embark headfirst on a trip of emotive electronic pathways. Geometric patterns in the video move with a calm purpose, drawing shapes around the melancholic swells … Continue reading Video Premiere: loscil // Lawrence English “Violet”

øjeRum “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde”

Inside the fragile walls of “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde,” midnight is a distant beacon stuck in a world of haze. øjeRum spins a calm facade across the decaying spaces beneath wistful piano arrangements and sonic interference. Strings dance behind glass at the periphery, leaving us wondering if our minds have gone or if these melancholic silhouettes exist? Everything here is held together by gossamer … Continue reading øjeRum “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde”

Video Premiere: Gene Tripp “Dreams, Trains…”

Gene Tripp gives voice to the void. Crushing distortion hollows out the bedrock holding up our forward progress, collapsing any notion of pretense in a squall of thick basslines and straightforward vocal melodies. As the alter ego of artist and composer Jay Hufman, Gene Tripp is a laser-focused melancholy filtered through a meat grinder. As the song plods along, synth leads light dramatic sonic fires … Continue reading Video Premiere: Gene Tripp “Dreams, Trains…”

Video Premiere: Adrian Knight “Carousel of Time”

The night is young, prehistoric perhaps, on Adrian Knight’s latest, “Carousel of Time.” Inside the warm atavistic glow of late-night TV noise and faded neon, silhouetted arrangements take shape and hone our focus. Sunkissed guitar melodies bounce off synth beds flowing in arctic circles, all of which is a blanket wrapped around Knight’s infectious vocal lines. Alice Cohen’s whimsically psychedelic video highlights the familiar sheen … Continue reading Video Premiere: Adrian Knight “Carousel of Time”