Video Premiere: Post Moves “Madness Is A Fully Instrumented Score”

Scratchy sonic reveries are broken down into haunting visages, remembrances of another time translated into whispered codes. Sam Wenc’s Post Moves project uses a timeless palette to explore the furthest reaches of folk music and concoct an alien dialect that uses resonant shapes to share messages across time. “Madness Is A Fully Instrumented Score” follows a winding river of plucked guitar chords and pedal steel … Continue reading Video Premiere: Post Moves “Madness Is A Fully Instrumented Score”

Video Premiere: VÍZ “Roter Berg (Veils Part III)”

In the final installment of VÍZ’s immaculate Veils trilogy, the darkness is a cocoon for contemplation and forgiveness. The angular cacophony becomes a kind of surrealistic sonic architecture that Réka Csiszér (VÍZ) wraps in incandescent whisps of beguiling vocals. Disjointed piano arrangements play off each other with an odd, playful spirit like echoes of a past life hidden amongst the trees. But Csiszér’s voice connects every moment … Continue reading Video Premiere: VÍZ “Roter Berg (Veils Part III)”

Video Premiere: The Corrupting Sea “At Woods Edge” (excerpt)

Geometric shapes become a hypnotic treasure map in Darren Ryan’s video for The Corrupting Sea’s “At Woods Edge” (excerpt). The intuitive movements heighten the layered sonics of “At Woods Edge,” bringing fluidity to the spacious, disentangled arrangements. Subtle shifts in tone are echoed in the visual movements of shapes and patterns as though there’s a secret message hidden in plain view. Ryan’s use of color … Continue reading Video Premiere: The Corrupting Sea “At Woods Edge” (excerpt)

Video Premiere: Grassy Sound “Flitzer”

Grassy Sound is a new duo from Ron Stabinsky (Meat Puppets, Peter Evans Quintet, etc) and Nick Millevoi (Desertion Trio, etc), and the first time I heard “Flitzer,” I stopped everything I was doing as my jaw dropped. Both Stabinsky and Millevoi are as good as it gets as far as keyboard/organ and guitar players, respectively, go, but their combined prowess found a surprising starting … Continue reading Video Premiere: Grassy Sound “Flitzer”

Video Premiere: Yui Onodera “Too Ne” (excerpt)

Tokyo’s Yui Onodera returns with a new edition on Room 40, Too Ne. Intimate ambient soundscapes don’t so much recede into the background as much as they become ingrained in our collective consciousness. Onodera guides tones into gently shifting into open channels where the aqueous sonics congeal into amorphous cocoons. This music feels close to the skin even if it comes from a primordial, far away … Continue reading Video Premiere: Yui Onodera “Too Ne” (excerpt)

Video Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “The Groundskeeper”

Kenneth James Gibson has an innate skill at creating enveloping moods with his music. His last two albums for Kompakt, In The Fields Of Nothing and The Evening Falls, built expansive worlds where anything seemed possible. His newest, the first release on his newly formed label Meadows Heavy Recorders, Groundskeeping shares similar aspects, but turns further inward and creates an intimate sonic portrait. Layered vocals mix with atmospheric drones … Continue reading Video Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “The Groundskeeper”

Video Premiere: Alberto Boccardi “Silice”

Tension thrives in hushed liminal spaces. On “Silice,” the first taste of Alberto Boccardi’s introspective new edition from Room 40, Petra, voices sneak through the electronic architecture searching out new modes of quiet. Boccardi shows considerable restraint in the sonic inquisitions of “Silice,” letting stillness breathe and chord arrangements stretch into whisps until dissipating completely. Shadows always follow movement in the video’s hypnotic imagery, the apprehension … Continue reading Video Premiere: Alberto Boccardi “Silice”

Video Premiere: UNIONBLOCK “Brick Whittle” + “Coupler Pt. 2”

UNIONBLOCK, the duo of Weston Olencki and Jack Langdon, comfortably situate themselves within a vortex of dichotomies on their debut. Thetford, named after the town in Vermont where the duo recorded, mixes Olencki’s sharp, discordant prepared banjo odysseys with Langdon’s somewhat more restrained organ workouts. Together the disparate palettes – one grating and jarring, the other softer and hollow – deconstruct the space around the sound. … Continue reading Video Premiere: UNIONBLOCK “Brick Whittle” + “Coupler Pt. 2”

Video Premiere: Turbo World “Cards”

Everything about Turbo World’s debut album, My Challenger, is bonkers in the best possible way. Conceived as a prog-opera inspired by David Susskind’s wild interview with self-confessed mafia hitman Max Kurschner aka Joey. Turbo World is Caroline Bennett of Stice and Stephen Cooper from Cloud Becomes Your Hand and current bassist in Guerilla Toss. The duo both had a deep interest in the connection between crime and betrayal, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Turbo World “Cards”

Video Premiere: Anarchist Mountains “Balkan Circuits”

Drifting movements can appear lackadaisical and random from the outside, but the floating sonorous gestures of Anarchist Mountains’ “Balkan Circuits” shift with intention. Rhythms pulse forward in silhouette. Gossamer layers intertwine forming opaque aural shapes that are still translucent but carry an earnest psychological weight. Brothers Jordan and Stefan Christoff create synthetic spaces where these buried memories can emerge through repeating motifs and lush swirls … Continue reading Video Premiere: Anarchist Mountains “Balkan Circuits”