Konjur Collective “Blood In My Eye (A Soul Insurgent Guide)”

Buy at Soundohm The first thing you notice about Blood In My Eye (A Soul Insurgent Guide) is the drums. They’re loud, angry, free, and funky. They roil and boil, frothing over intensely like a percussive shout laced with bile, spittle, and blood. The man behind the drumkit is Bashi Rose, one-third of the Baltimore-based Konjur Collective. Rounded out by synthesist Show Azar and multi-instrumentalist Jamal Moore, … Continue reading Konjur Collective “Blood In My Eye (A Soul Insurgent Guide)”

KonstruKt and Peter Brötzmann “Dolunay”

While they’re pretty much ignored in their native Turkey, the free-form collective KonstruKt has built a global following in the almost 15 years since they formed. Listening to their music, it’s not hard to understand why Umut Çağlar (guitar, organ, electronics, traditional instruments), Korhan Futaci (reeds, traditional instruments), and their bandmates are so well-liked in free jazz circles. They can be freaky, funky, or completely … Continue reading KonstruKt and Peter Brötzmann “Dolunay”

Amirtha Kidambi & Luke Stewart “Zenith/Nadir”

The fierce scream of now. That’s how an article in the Jazz Right Now blog described an Amirtha Kidambi and Luke Stewart live set, and that’s as apt of a description of the music produced by these two creative musical stalwarts as any. Kidambi’s voice runs through the entire cycle of human emotion, from calm to chaos. Whether she’s singing with her band Elder Ones … Continue reading Amirtha Kidambi & Luke Stewart “Zenith/Nadir”

RedGreenBlue “The End and the Beginning”

The Astral Spirits label has been on quite a tear the last couple of years, both in quantity and quality, as well as across all the physical media formats. From the insanity of Crazy Doberman to the righteous shredding of Ava Mendoza to the otherworldliness of Rob Frye, the label is pumping out heaps of adventurous sounds across many modes, from a plethora of musicians … Continue reading RedGreenBlue “The End and the Beginning”

Rob Clearfield & Quin Kirchner “Concentric Orbits”

Anyone who has heard Quin Kirchner’s magnum opus The Shadows and the Light knows that he’s a percussive force. The double-LP set literally dances with vibrant rhythms. Additionally, Rob Clearfield’s organ and piano work on that record is incredibly engaging, shining through or blending in whenever the mood suits it.  Concentric Orbits arose from those moments during the Shadows sessions where Clearfield and Kirchner were the only ones in the room. … Continue reading Rob Clearfield & Quin Kirchner “Concentric Orbits”

Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola “Open”

Open exists at the intersection of jazz and ambient music, a precarious territory to occupy. Recent records from musicians and composers as diverse as Carlos Niño, Nala Sinephro, and of course Floating Points (with Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra) are proof that the fertile soil of ambient jazz can yield delicious fruit. Yet if one plants their seeds in the wrong patch of earth, … Continue reading Tapani Rinne & Juha Mäki-Patola “Open”

Violet Salon III s/t

Late summer last year, a mysterious cassette was dropped in our laps by the Chicago-based Radical Documents imprint. Entitled The Running of the Bulls, it was a cluster bomb of free jazz and featured five unheralded players from Philadelphia, New York, and the San Francisco Bay area. A maelstrom of saxophone, bass, and drums, there was so much energy imprinted on that spool of magnetic tape, … Continue reading Violet Salon III s/t