Byron Westbrook’s Eclipsed View

It’s been a banner year for Byron Westbrook. Hands in the Dark released his evocative album, Distortion Hue, to start the year and it set the standard. His most recent album, Mirror View, comes via Ash International and is a surprise departure that pays off. Utilizing field recordings, sound installation works, and other sonic elements, Westbrook offers an engaging look into subtle environments with beautiful phrasing and … Continue reading Byron Westbrook’s Eclipsed View

Postcard Static: An Interview With No Translation

Emma Palm’s No Translation project first came across my radar thanks to Matthew Sage’s fantastic longform streaming series last summer. Her performance was captivating in its gentleness and vulnerability. After that, I began digging into her work on Bandcamp and immediately purchased her first Music For Postcards release. The visual element to her work is striking in a different way, the color palettes and imagery less subdued … Continue reading Postcard Static: An Interview With No Translation

Thollem Gets Back on Stage

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many artists the past 18 months, but when everything began shutting down, Thollem McDonas was at the front of my mind. McDonas is the traveling musician, having crossed the country (and world!) countless times to perform, speak, record, collaborate, and everything else in between. Sidelined since March 2020, Thollem and his wife, Angela, headed back out on the … Continue reading Thollem Gets Back on Stage

Worlds Within the Code: An Interview With Norah Lorway

Norah Lorway composes music in ways that are totally foreign and completely fascinating to me. She’s equal parts artist, architect, and coder, using different applications and languages to build soundworlds from scratch. She regularly participates in live coding shows and algoraves, two events I was unfamiliar with before digging into her work and her label, Xylem.  Her most recent album, Another World, uses these skills and approaches … Continue reading Worlds Within the Code: An Interview With Norah Lorway

At the Edge of Sound With Lawrence English

Lawrence English is a one-person force of nature. Between his label, Room 40, various solo and collaborative projects, his own writing, and so much more it’s a wonder he finds time to breathe. Truthfully, this unerring, forward-pushing nature is something I deeply relate to, and seeing and hearing all that English has accomplished this year alone is a big source of inspiration. But this conversation … Continue reading At the Edge of Sound With Lawrence English

Finding the Good Wind with Steve Gunn

The last show I saw before the pandemic was Steve Gunn at the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa. He was nearing the end of a long year of touring, and even though we’d never met face-to-face before that evening, our conversation was that of old friends with a shared history. Gunn is a thoughtful songwriter who considers his words and his approach carefully, always honing … Continue reading Finding the Good Wind with Steve Gunn

Lost In the Sprawl With Rambutan

We’ve all dealt with the isolation of the past 18 months in various ways, but Eric Hardiman took a unique approach. Hardiman, through his solo project Rambutan, does a lot of collaborative work whether in bands, live shows, or through various recordings. During the earlier parts of the pandemic, this proved to be nearly impossible, so he set out to do something else. Parallel Systems consists of … Continue reading Lost In the Sprawl With Rambutan

Looking Back to Find the Roots: An Interview With Scanner

There’s always risks involved when going through one’s personal archives, whether it’s music, writing, art, whatever. We have a tendency to romanticize those early pearls, especially if we haven’t taken a real spin through them in decades. It’s easy, as we get older, to think back to that youthful glow and enthusiasm and think there must be something there.  Lucky for us, Robin Rimbaud’s earliest … Continue reading Looking Back to Find the Roots: An Interview With Scanner

Through the Garden With Brett Naucke

Moving from Chicago to Asheville recently, Brett Naucke has big dreams for his garden. There’s a lot that can be done with houseplants and growing in containers, but wide-open spaces are the stuff dreams are made of. When I expressed interest in a series of interviews focusing less on artists’ music and more on, specifically, plants and gardens, Naucke’s name was the first one mentioned … Continue reading Through the Garden With Brett Naucke

Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

In Derek Monypeny, I’ve found a kindred spirit. We talk a bit about this in the interview, but when I saw him dedicate his incredible opus, The Hand as Dealt, to Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, and Don Cherry, I knew I’d love it. (I mean, I figured I’d be into it considering how much his second album, Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce has been played in … Continue reading Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny