Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

Karen Vogt always knows how to weave a bit of magic with her voice and “I Know It’s Hard” is no exception. On her song for Past Inside the Present’s Healing Together compilation curated by Cynthia Bernard (marine eyes), Vogt channels an empathetic spirit into the contemplative lament. Stretching frequencies into the sky, she hovers elegantly through luminous resonance; a beacon guiding us all to a place … Continue reading Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

Video Premiere: Malle Voss “The Bound Path”

Joe Houpert is a name I’d thought about every so often in the last five years, but we’d lost touch and, as is often the case, life had moved on. Houpert was once part of the duo Loud & Sad and released solo works as Prayer, but, like me, had disappeared from music for a while. As the world spins ever out of control, Houpert … Continue reading Video Premiere: Malle Voss “The Bound Path”

Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Following up his incredible 2021 album, Empathy, Joel St. Julien turns his sites toward newfound personal discoveries and finding self-acceptance on Masking. “Everythingischangingallthetime” is only just over a minute long, but its harmonic shapes grow into an eloquent reflection; a sonic mirror on the fluidity of being and understanding our own inner space. These shifts are heightened by Jay Adams’s (at For Placement Only™) excellent video. It’s … Continue reading Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Video Premiere: Space Between Clouds

The quiet shifts and momentary alterations on the title track from David Ralicke’s Space Between Clouds project have a staying power. Thoughtful transitions spark feelings of calmness and reciprocity, imbuing warmth into lilting arrangements and lyrical aural phrases. Woven between ethereal melodies is a spirit of impermanence and transformation. “The original desire for this recording came from a series of drones that I made whose … Continue reading Video Premiere: Space Between Clouds

Video Premiere: MMMΔ “Nomenklatura”

Darkness shrouds the sharpest edges on MMMΔ’s “Nomenklatura,” but the monolith stands tall, abrasive, and immovable. This approach may be new, but MMMΔ’s spellbinding tension remains. Electronic patterns ring around cryptic messages written in an ancient language and translated through sound. A solid rhythm emerges, enchanted through concrete resonance and brittle spectacle. Boots to the ground for a forward push where a heavy-processed voice spells out … Continue reading Video Premiere: MMMΔ “Nomenklatura”

Video Premiere: Jordan Glenn “The Carousel”

Intermittent patterns emerge in the repetitions of Jordan Glenn’s “The Carousel” from his forthcoming album on Full Spectrum, Flustered. Glenn is a Mills College alumnus and Bay Area stalwart having played with the likes of Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, and others while leading the percussion-heavy ensemble BEAK. While his work in various groups and ensembles is prolific and extensive, opportunities for solo performance have … Continue reading Video Premiere: Jordan Glenn “The Carousel”

Video Premiere: Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse “Beatcafe”

All the juxtapositions and dichotomies in the video for “Beatcafe” heighten the fantastical feeling baked into the song. “‘Beatcafe’ is very much self-contained & written for its context as part of 7e.p. Tokyo’s 20th anniversary compilation,” Kinsella explains before getting at the core of the song. “I gave Jen a one-sentence description of each of my 9 trips to Tokyo & she mashed them together … Continue reading Video Premiere: Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse “Beatcafe”

Video Premiere: Austyn Wohlers “Field of Red Craters”

Waterscapes shimmer beneath light refracted at the surface, burrowing into the soft, choreographed movements of submerged green plant life. Austyn Wohlers creates a humming collage on “Field of Red Craters” where guitar melodies float effortlessly and tension comes in resonant waves. Solid-state drones rise from the spaces left behind when the light changes, continuing the forward progression. The simple, straightforward beauty of flowing water comes … Continue reading Video Premiere: Austyn Wohlers “Field of Red Craters”

Video Premiere: Beast Neast “Kim, People Are Dying”

Beast Nest’s exquisite Sicko is certainly one of my favorite records of 2022 so far, but another thread is pulled taut and revealed in the incredible new video for “Kim, People Are Dying.” The energy and tension in the song are heightened by the colors and movements in the video. A multifaceted narrative unfolds, flipping between alternate realities as though the viewer is bounced around inside an … Continue reading Video Premiere: Beast Neast “Kim, People Are Dying”

Video Premiere: Alice Cohen “Wild Wolf”

Alice Cohen is a force. For over 40 years she’s been writing songs with a seething edge, carving a surprising path while crafting a singular, towering vision. She has an innate ability at unearthing the effect secrets and suppressed memories have on us, always digging and never satisfied with messages on the surface. Cohen wrote Moonrising, her stunning seventh solo album while dealing with solitude in … Continue reading Video Premiere: Alice Cohen “Wild Wolf”