Video Premiere: Sarah Davachi “Alas, Departing”

Stillness is an impermeable force on “Alas, Departing” from Sarah Davachi’s Two Sisters. Based on the 15th-century piece, “Alas Departynge is Ground of Woo,” Davachi, with vocalists Jessika Kenney and Dorothy Berry, channels an ageless spirit into evocative, intimate ruminations. Tones intersect with surprising movements, holes in the temporal veil where phantom arrangements pour in to illuminate a focused path. Kenney and Berry’s voices hold a … Continue reading Video Premiere: Sarah Davachi “Alas, Departing”

Video Premiere: Office Culture “Big Time Things”

An emotional cliff looms on the second single from Office Culture’s forthcoming Big Time Things. Worst-case scenarios are repeating mantras in our tired minds, but what happens once we give in? Flickering keyboard motifs draw distracted shapes in the transient skies as Winston Cook-Wilson traces the psychic steps through exposed memory fields and buried fears. Emotive guitar explorations thread the needle of this latticework arrangement while … Continue reading Video Premiere: Office Culture “Big Time Things”

Video Premiere: Mushfoot “My Shrinking Heart”

New York trio, Mushfoot, started as a quarantined remote collaboration but morphed into something bigger as new layers were added and songs began to take shape. Featuring Ian Davis and Katie Vogel of Relatives and Greg Albert of TheRainbows, Mushfoot is visceral like a familiar landscape stripped of its lush surface so that the gnarled, tangled roots become the focal point.  Mushfoot’s debut, Time Before Land, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Mushfoot “My Shrinking Heart”

Video Premiere: Yotam Avni and Karen Vogt “Voices”

Karen Vogt constantly pushes her creative space outward, searching for new directions to follow and landscapes to inhabit. This new collaborative project with producer Yotam Avni combines the best elements from each artist’s work into something engaging and fresh. “In 2021, I reached out to experimental techno artist Yotam Avni to ask if he would remix a track from another project I was involved in,” … Continue reading Video Premiere: Yotam Avni and Karen Vogt “Voices”

Video Premiere: Ben Glas “VII of Superpositional Melodies”

Keigo Hara’s animations for Ben Glas’s “VII” from Superpositional Melodies heightens the psychoacoustic impact of the shifting tonal framework, adding a surprising meditative construct to the piece. Visualizations are in constant motion, sometimes at odds with Glas’s fragmented sonic inquires. The effect is mesmerizing and overwhelming. Keigo explains, “It’s not “real” visualizing, nor is it based on acoustic engineering, but rather it is an improvisational free-styling response … Continue reading Video Premiere: Ben Glas “VII of Superpositional Melodies”

Video Premiere: Little Mazarn “Lightning in the Water”

The heart is a hushed bonfire on Little Mazarin’s stunning, intimate “Lightning in the Water.” Lindsey Verrill’s music is borne of place; it is timeless and ontological, always inviting anyone in earshot to take a seat and breathe it in. In the glowing Texas sun, joined by Jeff Johnston and Carolina Chauffe, “Lightning in the Water” levitates above the parched fields, a beacon guiding us … Continue reading Video Premiere: Little Mazarn “Lightning in the Water”

Video Premiere: Akiko Haruna + Bon “Raijin”

Angular shadows intersect with stray shards of light on the enigmatic “Raijin,” the latest single from Akiko Haruna + Bon. Teaming up with a shared concept, the duo’s forthcoming EP, First Sight, is a futuristic glimmer with riveting sound design and a haunting atmosphere. Haruna and Bon use electronic sound as a jumping-off point to explore utopian and dystopian soundscapes. Shaped by an interest in AI … Continue reading Video Premiere: Akiko Haruna + Bon “Raijin”

Video Premiere: Allison Lorenzen (feat. Midwife) “Vale”

Greeted by sheets of warm, fuzzy guitar chord progressions, Allison Lorenzen’s “Vale” is a tight embrace during the darkest moments before dawn breaks. Repeating melodies swirl like passing ghosts as her voice slithers between emotive, coalescing arrangements. Archaic rituals trickle through the aural stones and grow into a gravitational aura of countless phantoms. The video follows a twisting, dark narrative with vague psychedelic and Western … Continue reading Video Premiere: Allison Lorenzen (feat. Midwife) “Vale”

Video Premiere: Estel Luz – Live at Nomad Studio

Estel Luz’s 2021 album cycles was eye-opening in its familiar roots covered with hypnotic diamond soil and an existential shimmer. Luz, an Italo-Colombian singer, is a captivating performer whose voice commands attention. In this recent session at Nomad Studio in Turin, she performs a combination of new and old songs for Foxy Digitalis.  There’s such a potent yet relaxed vibe to this session that makes it even more powerful … Continue reading Video Premiere: Estel Luz – Live at Nomad Studio

Video Premiere: AUTORHYTHM “Hand-Eye Coordination”

On the latest single from AUTORHYTHM, multifaceted rhythms and hypnotic melodies beam in from another plane. Building slowly, the eccentric angled repetitions become a dizzying array of lucid tones. Synths buzz and whirr into oblivion states. Transfixed by a distant glow, the timbral shapes are lithe, polyrhythmic spellcasters intent on hypnotizing anyone within earshot. It’s fantastic and overwhelming.  To buoy the effect of these sounds, … Continue reading Video Premiere: AUTORHYTHM “Hand-Eye Coordination”