Track-by-Track: Eli Winter

I finished writing this piece a few days ago before news of jaimie branch’s passing broke, and amidst the heartbreak, I keep thinking of her irrepressible, generous spirit. She always showed up. Listening to her irrepressible, searching runs on “Dayenu,” and thinking about where the title comes from (a Passover song) and what the word means – “it would have been enough” – it’s a … Continue reading Track-by-Track: Eli Winter

Track-by-Track: 700 BLISS on “Nothing To declare”

700 BLISS (DJ Haram & Moor Mother) slice mantras into the city’s concrete skin on the visceral, cathartic, and even hilarious Nothing to declare. Backyard breakbeats and fried, snaking synths build madcap webs. Future rhythms take a sawblade to squarewaves, fusing proto-electronics with hip hop reveries and free jazz energies. Moor Mother and DJ Haram alternate raining fire on the world and wrapping it up … Continue reading Track-by-Track: 700 BLISS on “Nothing To declare”