Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

Lea Bertucci is always pursuing interesting, inventive projects, and her latest, Xtended Vox, continues that course. This compilation of experimental voice-based works features Cansu Tanrikulu, a three-part piece by Audrey Chen and Phil Minton, and the latest from Bertucci’s ongoing collaboration with Ben Vida called “Tulsa.” Murmurs and whispers flicker in pointillist patterns before being swept up in a wash of tape manipulation and saxophone traces. … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida “Tulsa”

Track Premiere: Black Ox Orkestar “Viderkol (Echo)”

Just because a world is haunted doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful and inviting. The legendary Black Ox Orkestar’s return in 2022 is an unexpected gift. Few groups can hold so many disparate feelings and ideas together in the same breath, but the stunning “Viderkol (Echo)” occupies this impossible space. Black Ox Orkestar’s boundary-pushing exploration of Jewish folk music sounds forward-thinking while simultaneously simmering inside a … Continue reading Track Premiere: Black Ox Orkestar “Viderkol (Echo)”

Track Premiere: Sinemis “Dua”

Circassian-Turkish producer Sine Buyuka returns with a new project, Sinemis, and through a mesmerizing, sophisticated combination of Sufi music and ambient electronics, creates an inviting sonic landscape. Expressive, meditative tones evaporate through beautifully designed synthscapes and fractured percussive explorations. Burgeoning tension falls between the scattered rhythmic cracks, expanding outward to bring the internal struggle to the surface. As the opening track, it evolves into a … Continue reading Track Premiere: Sinemis “Dua”

Track Premiere: Post Moves & the Sound Memory Ensemble “Lorraine’s” (feat. Kyle Field)

Shades of sonic waves flicker into view during the opening moments of Post Moves & the Sound Memory Ensemble’s new album, Recall the Dream Breath. Sam Wenc pulls back the curtain here, stripping down his sound to let the sun shine directly on his music’s core. Pedal steel hymnals are the guiding light throughout “Lorraine’s,” imbuing the liminal textures with a resonant warmth. Each emotive passage … Continue reading Track Premiere: Post Moves & the Sound Memory Ensemble “Lorraine’s” (feat. Kyle Field)

Album Premiere: Bedroom Witch “A Place of Hurt”

The Bedroom Witch (aka Los Angeles-based performance artist Sepehr Mashiahof) digs well beyond the city’s glossy sheen on her latest, A Place of Hurt. Emotive synth arrangements melt into the shifting rhythms, sparking new understandings of transformation and connection.  So many aspects of A Place of Hurt stand out and leave a mark. Mashiahof’s songwriting craft is a well-honed diamond. She uses inventive structures and liminal melodies to … Continue reading Album Premiere: Bedroom Witch “A Place of Hurt”

Track Premiere: Pedro Vian & Mana “Cascades IV”

Repetition is a beautiful, hypnotic weapon on the first single from Pedro Vian and Mana’s upcoming album, Cascades. Urgency and whimsy become colliding forces on “Cascades IV” as varying synth passages intersect and veer off in opposite directions. Resonant loops bloom in the minor undercurrents, sifting stray waves into tape-saturated sonic peaks. The lead flute-like melody commands our focus, though. Lilting, enchanting tones blur the spaces … Continue reading Track Premiere: Pedro Vian & Mana “Cascades IV”

Track Premiere: Body Corp “Unusual For Us”

The opening track for Body Corp’s (aka Sydney’s Marco Vella) upcoming album, Unusual For Us, is an invitation. Rhythms with the corners worn down flutter through cascading piano melodies adrift in the ethereal atmosphere. Vella layers in dose after dose of warm sonics, each one more emotive and charming. “Unusual For Us” is a space of crystalline light. Soft harmonics guide us through a portal into … Continue reading Track Premiere: Body Corp “Unusual For Us”

Premiere: Phauss

I love when Room 40 goes big, and this ambitious double release from the legendary Phauss is no exception. The duo of Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Eric Pauser began in the early 1980s, and their sonic experiments still sound as progressive 30 years on as they did at their inception. Two of these works have been unearthed and are being issued as CD+book editions … Continue reading Premiere: Phauss

Track Premiere: Wau Wau Collectif “Nécessaire”

Wau Wau Collectif has an innate ability to crease the margins into sharp points and focus their music into expansive, expressive sonic worlds. Their second album, Mariage, arrives next month and pushes the thrilling highs of their debut, Yaral Sa Doom, beyond the horizon. Silky grooves are etched in winding patterns through parched landscapes to set the stage for Ndeye Awa Wade’s incredible vocals. Rhythms bounce lithely … Continue reading Track Premiere: Wau Wau Collectif “Nécessaire”

Track Premiere: Kasper Bjørke Quartet “Abiogenesis (feat. Philip|Schneider)”

Kasper Bjørke Quartet’s forthcoming album, Mother, is stunning. With this record, the Danish composer, along with the musicians in the Quartet, distills massive ideas into intimate reflections. Bjørke’s aural treatise on the life cycle of our planet is poignant and evocative, laden with a resonant gravity that shapes each of its six beguiling passages. On “Abiogenesis,” Kasper Bjørke Quartet works with celebrated duo Philip|Schneider to bring … Continue reading Track Premiere: Kasper Bjørke Quartet “Abiogenesis (feat. Philip|Schneider)”