Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Following up his incredible 2021 album, Empathy, Joel St. Julien turns his sites toward newfound personal discoveries and finding self-acceptance on Masking. “Everythingischangingallthetime” is only just over a minute long, but its harmonic shapes grow into an eloquent reflection; a sonic mirror on the fluidity of being and understanding our own inner space. These shifts are heightened by Jay Adams’s (at For Placement Only™) excellent video. It’s … Continue reading Premiere: Joel St. Julien “everythingischangingallthetime” + “Le Grand Finale”

Track Premiere: missing scenes “Lectreus”

missing scenes, the newest project from R. Hunter (Snare of Sixes, Conversations About the Light, etc), thrives in its explorations of dichotomies and divergences. “Lectreus” glides across verdant landscapes with its pristine sound design and dramatic spirit. Blankets of synthetic, dreamy pads counteract the pensive reverie buried in strings and analog warmth. Hunter stretches dangling melodies into lamentations that rise toward a shadowy sky. Meditating … Continue reading Track Premiere: missing scenes “Lectreus”

Track Premiere: Natalie Beridze “Ash Wednesday”

Sometimes fragments of memories are more powerful than seeing the whole picture. Natalie Beridze’s “Ash Wednesday” (named after the T.S. Eliot poem which she sings in part) is a small dam holding back an ocean. Eliot’s rumination on finding hope for human salvation echoes across electronic vistas. While Eliot found God through religion, Beridze resonates in the spirit found within music and sound. Her voice … Continue reading Track Premiere: Natalie Beridze “Ash Wednesday”

Track Premiere: Rafael Anton Irisarri “Cloak”

The hollows are alive and singing on this expansive new offering from Rafael Anton Irisarri. Tones are cut from ephemeral stone giving this music a simultaneous gravity and weightlessness. Irisarri’s work is visceral but not unsettling. Expressive aural shapes drift through the changing landscape, taken in by the harmonic movements and held close through the growing swells. This music echoes the way it feels within … Continue reading Track Premiere: Rafael Anton Irisarri “Cloak”

Track Premiere: Delay/Aarset “Single 08”

Vladislav Delay (aka Sasu Ripatti) and Eivind Aarset coming together in a diverse sonic collision feels like the universe giving into its magnetic pull. Both have operated in marginal realms where engaging, forward-thinking ideas are born. On Singles, atoms are split and reformed in electric aural spaces to create a diverse, enigmatic landscape filled with enticing drama and tonal reciprocity. “Single 08” ratchets across Ripatti’s jackhammering … Continue reading Track Premiere: Delay/Aarset “Single 08”

Track Premiere: Andy Cartwright “Delmarco & Bozzetta”

Seabuckthorn’s Andy Cartwright knows a thing or two about generating heavy emotional impact with subtlety and restraint and on the latest single from his forthcoming solo record, Form Less Ness, memories become ghosts. “Delmarco & Bozzetta” sings in the liminal breaths between formless shadows. Melodic tonal whispers float above a jagged aural sea, each side of the spectral divide reaching for the other but always out … Continue reading Track Premiere: Andy Cartwright “Delmarco & Bozzetta”

Track Premiere: saajtak “There’s a Leak in the Shielding”

There’s this feeling like some kind of aural vertigo in Brooklyn/Detroit art rock quartet saajtak’s “There’s a Leak in the Shielding” as though two separate songs are happening simultaneously, magically aligned and ethereally potent. Divergent sounds collide at surprising angles, melting together to create verdant sonic architecture.  The band’s approach has often centered around improvisation, but COVID-19 forced a changed approach where they would work … Continue reading Track Premiere: saajtak “There’s a Leak in the Shielding”

Video Premiere: UNIONBLOCK “Brick Whittle” + “Coupler Pt. 2”

UNIONBLOCK, the duo of Weston Olencki and Jack Langdon, comfortably situate themselves within a vortex of dichotomies on their debut. Thetford, named after the town in Vermont where the duo recorded, mixes Olencki’s sharp, discordant prepared banjo odysseys with Langdon’s somewhat more restrained organ workouts. Together the disparate palettes – one grating and jarring, the other softer and hollow – deconstruct the space around the sound. … Continue reading Video Premiere: UNIONBLOCK “Brick Whittle” + “Coupler Pt. 2”

Premiere: SLW cc Watt Illustrations + Videos

This whole project is a goddamn delight. Iowa City’s Samuel Locke Ward, an award-winning cartoonist, and prolific home taper joins forces with the inimitable Mike Watt (known best for being Mike Fucken Watt) for a sprawling album of pop vignettes, spoken word treachery, and downright skronkular weirdness. Real Manic Time lives up to its title as it zigzags across genre identifiers, leaving every descriptor dissolving in its … Continue reading Premiere: SLW cc Watt Illustrations + Videos

Track Premiere: Em Spel “Overstory”

Em Spel is the solo project of Chicago-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emma Hospelhorn (who is also a flutist in the incredible Ensemble Dal Niente). She covers a lot of fertile ground on her forthcoming album The Carillon Towers. “Overstory,” the first single, uses looping arrangements that grow and shift in surprising ways while still hanging onto a natural cadence. Spel’s voice is the focal point, though, as … Continue reading Track Premiere: Em Spel “Overstory”