The Repository #22: Sir Richard Bishop

An interview from 2007 by the late, great Cory Card. Go grab some tunes from Sir Richard Bishop’s bandcamp while you’re at it. – BR Over the past few years, Sir Richard Bishop has been mesmerizing audiences across North America, Europe, and Australia, with his raga/jazz/rock-infused work for solo acoustic guitar. He has also released a string of magnificent solo recordings for both acoustic guitar … Continue reading The Repository #22: Sir Richard Bishop

The Repository #21: Warmer Milks

With the recent reissue of Warmer Milks’ killer Soft Walks on Sophomore Lounge, what a great time to revisit this excellent interview from 2006 with Michael Andrew Turner by the late, great Lee Jackson. – BR Warmer Milks is Not a Noise Band Most of us wouldn’t have made it this far without a little change. As messed up as things might be right now, … Continue reading The Repository #21: Warmer Milks

The Repository #20: Nautical Almanac

Chris Bush and Caboladies (RIP) have been on the brain recently since Astral Editions announced this incredible Equipment Pointed Ankh album. Then I remembered he did a few things for Foxy Digitalis back in the day, including this fantastic interview with Nautical Almanac from 2007. Meanwhile, Twig Harper’s most recent solo joint, Classical Electronics, has been a favorite this year. Check it out and read … Continue reading The Repository #20: Nautical Almanac

The Repository #19: Starving Weirdos

There was a great thread on twitter this week about west coast psych/drone zoners and M. Geddes Gengras mentioned Starving Weirdos. I’ve been down the rabbit hole again ever since. Brian Pyle was a real kindred spirit back in the day (and I believe, fellow Arsenal fan so probably not feeling great about that this morning!) and I always loved working with him on various … Continue reading The Repository #19: Starving Weirdos

The Repository #18: Max Ochs

I pulled this Max Ochs CD out earlier this week while digging through a box looking for something else and damn if it did not scratch an itch I didn’t even know I had. His most recent album, Hooray For Another Day, feels especially apropos in 2021 all things considered. This interview, conducted by the wonderful Peter Taylor, was originally published on Foxy Digitalis in … Continue reading The Repository #18: Max Ochs

The Repository #17: Francis Plagne

I’ve been revisiting the excellent collaboration between crys cole and Francis Plagne on Black Truffle in the past week and thought it’d be fun to dig up this interview I did with Francis back in early 2006 right around when his first album came out. He’s done so much incredible work since (speaking of collaborations, the album with Andrew Chalk is obviously wonderful). Anyway. Francis … Continue reading The Repository #17: Francis Plagne

The Repository #16: Head Full of Cool – David Kilgour

Came across this piece recently that my dear friend, Lee Jackson, did for Foxy Digitalis in 2004. Since Lee’s passing in 2012, I’ve thought a lot about the work we did together and as Foxy Digitalis has come back into the fold, getting these pieces back into the world has been one of the many things I’ve wanted to get done. So, with that here’s … Continue reading The Repository #16: Head Full of Cool – David Kilgour

Alisha Through The Looking Glass: An Interview with Alisha Sufit

I forgot that James Blackshaw wrote for Foxy Digitalis briefly in the early/mid 2000s, but came across this lovely interview he did in 2005. Alisha Sufit is still out there and you can visit her Facebook page HERE and Magic Carpet Records’ website HERE. – BR In music, the seldom thrills of discovery are truly joyous occasions.  When the North London-based group Magic Carpet’s LP … Continue reading Alisha Through The Looking Glass: An Interview with Alisha Sufit

The Repository #14: Baby Dee’s Small Song

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that few artists and their work have moved me as deeply and influenced me at my core than Baby Dee. Her work is quietly devastating and completely enrapturing. Whenever she plays and sings, time stops and I have to stop and give my full attention. Credit goes to both John Darnielle (for covering “When I Get Home” during … Continue reading The Repository #14: Baby Dee’s Small Song

Within Mirrors: An Interview With Paul Clipson From 2011

Paul Clipson’s unexpected passing in 2018 was crushing. His lifetime of work was incredible and resonated deeply with so many. There are some great, in-depth recollections about him at the Criterion website published in 2018. I was first introduced to his films, like many in my circle, by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma through the collaborations the two began in the mid-to-late 2000s. This interview was published in … Continue reading Within Mirrors: An Interview With Paul Clipson From 2011