The Repository #12: Slip It to the Android – G.K. Spain on Chrome

I am the black sheep: I love not the flowers, I love the green of grass and forest firs. Take back your pillars and your mighty towers: Give me a tree, that bends when a breeze stirs. Mother was a fine piano accompanist and substitute organist who also played harp, clarinet, bassoon, and gave me my first violin lessons. She (and my karma) bequeathed me … Continue reading The Repository #12: Slip It to the Android – G.K. Spain on Chrome

The Repository #11: Lailson de Holanda

Originally published in 2005, this interview with Lailson de Holanda from Recifé, Brazil’s all-time great psych group, Satwa, has been on my mind the past few weeks. Currently I am working on episode #3 of The Electric Rubicon which focuses on the inimitable Time-Lag Records. Time-Lag reissued Satwa’s only album in 2005 before reissuing things like that were all the rage. I’m not sure I … Continue reading The Repository #11: Lailson de Holanda

An Illustrated Review of Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” Box

Back in 2005, Chris Fischer of Unread Records sent me a huge package of drawings as a submission to Foxy Digitalis. It was a review of the Albert Ayler Holy Ghost boxed set (well, half of it), but done in his trademark visual style. It remains one of my favorite things Foxy Digitalis published and, having found the scans on an old hard drive this … Continue reading An Illustrated Review of Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” Box

The Repository #10: A multi-part one question interview w/ Blevin Blectum

Originally published in 2005, Michael Kaufmann (formerly of Asthmatic Kitty Records) did a mini-series of one-question interviews, one of which was with Blevin Blectum. With the reemergence of the mighty Blectum From Blechdom, who have a new album, Deep Bone, coming in July on Deathbomb Arc, it seemed like a good time to get this fun piece back into the world. Wait a minute…Don’t they … Continue reading The Repository #10: A multi-part one question interview w/ Blevin Blectum

The Repository #9: Black Forest/Black Sea

Revisiting an interview from 2004 as the duo release a new CD full of rarities from 2003-2008. I remember first hearing Black Forest/Black Sea nearly 20 years ago and being immediately smitten. The duo of Jeffrey Alexander and Miriam Goldberg made a handful of great albums, toured the world, and generally left a lot of good in their wake. Last week, Alexander released a CD … Continue reading The Repository #9: Black Forest/Black Sea

The Repository #8: Paul LaBrecque

An interview from 2009 with the (former?) Sunburned Hand of the Man mainstay as the band unleashes a new piece of hellfire… It seems fitting to post this a few days after Three Lobed released Sunburned Hand of the Man’s first proper album in ages, the stellar Pick A Day to Die. While I am hoping to have a review of that ready for next week’s … Continue reading The Repository #8: Paul LaBrecque

The Repository #7: Plankton Wat

Plankton Wat’s newest album, Future Times, came out last week on Thrill Jockey so it seems like the perfect time to revisit Jordan Anderson’s interview with him from late 2011. Dewey’s music has always inspired me. He’s got an innate ability to take listeners on an aural trip and with Future Times, he finds new levels to explore. It’s a fantastically deep, rich sound world that is full of … Continue reading The Repository #7: Plankton Wat

The Repository #6: Ghédalia Tazartès

A piece from 2008 that we published in conjunction with his appearance at Pauze Festival in Belgium. It’s hard to grasp the titans we lost this week. Ghédalia Tazartès, Chick Corea, and Milford Graves in three successive days, basically, is a hard thing to get your head around. I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend listening to all three and trying to expose my … Continue reading The Repository #6: Ghédalia Tazartès

The Repository #5: Christian Kiefer

An interview from 2007 right after the release of his excellent Dogs & Donkeys album. This week’s archival piece comes at the end of a bit of a breadcrumb trail. I was doing some research for an interview I’m doing next week with Tom Carter (for another publication) and ended up going down quite the rabbit hole of his collaborative works. In doing so, I was reminded … Continue reading The Repository #5: Christian Kiefer

The Repository #4: Telecult Powers

Here on Imbolc, a Foxy Digitalis archival interview with the one and only Telecult Powers from 2011. This interview was done in late 2011 and coincided with the release of their first (and utterly essential!) LP Zion Traveler. Enjoy. Few bands have left a bigger crater in their wake in 2011 than the duo of Telecult Powers.  Witchbeam and Mister Mathews have been brewing up some … Continue reading The Repository #4: Telecult Powers