gabby fluke-mogul “LOVE SONGS”

Love is harsh. Visceral. A cocoon and a screaming stitch. gabby fluke-mogul’s follow-up to last year’s threshold (one of my favorite albums of 2021) is invigorating in a different way, but just as impactful. Their music has always been saturated with vulnerability and openness, but on LOVE SONGS that spirit is held closer. fluke-mogul puts so much raw emotion into their playing that it becomes infectious. They are a … Continue reading gabby fluke-mogul “LOVE SONGS”

Weston Olencki “Old Time Music”

The path between the past and future is rarely a straight line. Weston Olencki’s Old Time Music is a dissection, time capsule, and crystal ball all wrapped into one. Taking familiar sounds and channeling them through matrices that are time-traveling mechanisms from a distant future, but imbued with a spirit from faded history, Olencki causes us to pause and reconsider the interconnected nature of American musical tradition … Continue reading Weston Olencki “Old Time Music”

Mike Weis “Ring the Bell for the 10​,​000 Forgotten Things”

Few drummers (percussionists??) can move me the way Zelienople’s Mike Weis can. For close to two decades, his considered style and approach have evolved with curiosity and vulnerability (full disclosure, he played on my album, Bloodlines, and is the main reason that album is as good as it is). Ring the Bell for the 10,000 Forgotten Things is the culmination of his participation in the Calumet Artist Residency … Continue reading Mike Weis “Ring the Bell for the 10​,​000 Forgotten Things”

Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”

An inner dialogue winds through Zekarias Thompson’s magnificent debut, Goodnight Shiva. Meditations on isolation and reconnection; the alignment of self-perception and outward realities become reveries where immersive listening reveals a river that runs beneath it all. Thompson’s hand guides this journey. He ruminates on blackness and what all that can mean as he uses these sonic expressions to find a wave of peace within his own … Continue reading Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.18: May 13, 2022

If anyone thought I was kidding about starting a Rancid podcast, I certainly wasn’t. It’s been way too much fun to record and I hope people give it a listen. Meanwhile, quite a slate of killer tunes this week. Astrid Sonne “How Far” (SA Recordings) “How Far” is the newest offering from The Hearing Experience and Astrid Sonne’s stunning vocal arrangements are pure, blissful magic. Sonne always … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.18: May 13, 2022

Rob Clearfield & Quin Kirchner “Concentric Orbits”

Anyone who has heard Quin Kirchner’s magnum opus The Shadows and the Light knows that he’s a percussive force. The double-LP set literally dances with vibrant rhythms. Additionally, Rob Clearfield’s organ and piano work on that record is incredibly engaging, shining through or blending in whenever the mood suits it.  Concentric Orbits arose from those moments during the Shadows sessions where Clearfield and Kirchner were the only ones in the room. … Continue reading Rob Clearfield & Quin Kirchner “Concentric Orbits”

Linnéa Talp “Arch of Motion”

Physical presence becomes an aural tide on Linnéa Talp’s Arch of Motion. The Swedish artist finds the stoic presence of in-between spaces and casts them into golden-hued drones. Using pipe organ as the primary instrument in these compositions, the music becomes the exhaled breath of someone finding their footing within the liminal glow.  Spread throughout Arch of Motion are cloaked, whispered harmonies. Talp weaves a solemn reverie of … Continue reading Linnéa Talp “Arch of Motion”

Zimoun “Guitar Studies”

There’s a rare point at which music becomes a monolith. Zimoun’s three-hour Guitar Studies ventures into that territory and in his description of the recording process, the scope becomes even bigger. There are no loops on Guitar Studies. “For each layer in each piece, I recorded whatever I was exploring over the whole period of about an hour,” he explains in the album description, and because of that … Continue reading Zimoun “Guitar Studies”

Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker, Steve Hirsh “Sparks”

Sparks shines from the opening notes of Eri Yamamoto’s piano until the last percussive trickles from William Parker’s bass and Steve Hirsh’s drumset. This may be the first time this ensemble, which also includes Chad Fowler on saxello and stritch, played together, but their intertwined chemistry speaks volumes. Throughout Sparks, the quartet use ad-libbed melodies as jumping-off points to map out empty spaces to break free. On … Continue reading Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker, Steve Hirsh “Sparks”

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.17: May 6, 2022

There was a lot of new music during this brutal week and in the bleakness, I am ever thankful for these sounds. It’s also Bandcamp day so, like every other day, it’s a good time to support artists. Any of these albums would be lovely additions to your collection. There’s also a new collaborative record between myself and Matt LaJoie (Herbcraft, Flower Room, Cursillistas, ML … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.17: May 6, 2022