Track Premiere: Aaron M Olson “Wealth”

In the folds of Aaron M Olson’s leisurely “Wealth,” a midnight stroll becomes a spell cast to keep sweet memories held close. Olson’s new album, Songs Album, is a languid pop slow burner, simmering in a timeless stew of influences from Jack Nitzsche to Jim O’Rourke. Lush arrangements give way to neon sunsets as “Wealth” bobs on the ocean’s surface, Olson singing wistfully before the waves … Continue reading Track Premiere: Aaron M Olson “Wealth”

Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”

Gabie Strong’s new album for Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Wilding Sun, is immersive and sonically dense. Opening track, “Lavender,” is a recording from a recent live performance celebrating an exhibition by artist Pamela Jorden (who also did the cover art for the album) that’s solemn and expressive beneath its washed-out guitar explorations. Strong’s skill in bending familiar aural landscapes into new, elusive forms of expression is exciting … Continue reading Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”

Video Premiere: Old Man of the Woods “Sharks”

Miranda Elliott’s debut as Old Man of the Woods, Votives, is one of this year’s big surprises for me. It’s an album devoid of classification as Elliott’s songs comfortably flit from one style to another, feeling at home within a multitude of sonic spaces, but always carrying an air of vulnerability. Each pop nugget is like a different landscape painting, textural and intriguing, with deeper meaning … Continue reading Video Premiere: Old Man of the Woods “Sharks”

Track Premiere: JJJJJerome Ellis “Dysfluent Waters”

On the second offering from JJJJJerome Ellis’s forthcoming opus, The Clearing, the composer and poet creates a space where reflection brings challenges to ingrained ideas and concepts. “My thesis is that Blackness, dysfluency and music are forces that open time,” Ellis states. “Opening brings possibilities: temporal refusal, temporal escape, temporal dissent,” he says, creating a demanding yet engaging suite of music, sound, and poetry with The Clearing that … Continue reading Track Premiere: JJJJJerome Ellis “Dysfluent Waters”

Video Premiere: Larry Wish & His Guys “Fable Table Cloth”

Larry Wish has always made me envious with his ability to graft the throwback crooner vibes that permeate his vocal hooks with odd-angled pop excursions. It’s a mix that gets into especially weird zones at times, but it’s never dull and it’s always worth hearing. Releases on Orange Milk, Moon Glyph, OSR Tapes, and others cemented his status as the deep underground’s consummate dream maker.  … Continue reading Video Premiere: Larry Wish & His Guys “Fable Table Cloth”

Video Premiere: Olivia Block “Axiolite”

Pieces of the world are falling into the abyss and finding freedom in the process. The darkness is a veil, beyond is a rising sun tickled by flames from the last scraps of a dying landscape. Olivia Block’s new album for Room 40, Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea, digs through the desolate wreckage of the past 18 months and dreams up deep bass pathways … Continue reading Video Premiere: Olivia Block “Axiolite”

Video Premiere: Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Dallas Acid “Mind Cinema”

Hans-Joachim Roedelius is a radiating force of nature. For half a century, Roedelius has created a universe of spectral sound. Well into his 80s, he continues to inspire, exploring new horizons and pushing his craft further as evidenced by this remarkable, expansive new collaboration, Mind Cinema, with Austin trio Dallas Acid.  Director Gregory Gangemi’s stunning video for the album’s title track is like a journey into the birth … Continue reading Video Premiere: Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Dallas Acid “Mind Cinema”

Track Premiere: Patrick Shiroishi “The Long Bright Dark”

Finding a way to satisfyingly close an album as powerful as Patrick Shiroishi’s new opus, Hidemi, isn’t easy. Across the album’s deep, moving half-hour, Shiroishi creates a lyrical statement about working hard to overcome darkness and finding a silver thread to follow toward greener horizons. “The Long Bright Dark” exudes this hopeful catharsis in spades. Using a hypnotic triplet progression that pushes forward at every … Continue reading Track Premiere: Patrick Shiroishi “The Long Bright Dark”

Video Premiere: Matt Robidoux “ee-ya”

A whimsical thread runs through the oddly endearing and catchy “ee-ya,” the second single from Matt Robidoux’s new album, At Dust on Already Dead Tapes. Robidoux’s music has a playful undercurrent that adds surprising colors to his intricate compositions. “ee-ya” finds magic in repetition, with Robidoux repeating the sounds “ee-ya” over and over while warped orchestrations unfold in the distance. Kris Force’s violin explorations, especially, add a … Continue reading Video Premiere: Matt Robidoux “ee-ya”

Video Premiere: Ian Wellman “The Toll On Our Daily Lives”

There’s a claustrophobic feeling imperiled in Ian Wellman’s incredible “The Toll On Our Daily Lives.” In the video by Trevor Baker, that claustrophobia is distilled in the way vivid colors fade to a darkened brown, black, and grey palette. Repeating loops rise and fall like the slowing breath of a dying patient where the anxiety grows with each successive cycle. Desolation from the past year … Continue reading Video Premiere: Ian Wellman “The Toll On Our Daily Lives”