Premiere: Kee Avil “saf”

Kee Avil’s debut album Crease is a force. On the second single, “saf,” the Montreal-based project led by producer and guitarist Vicky Mettler, fractured dreams morph into real-world anxiety. A hypnotic furor takes hold as Kee Avil slinks along splintering rhythms while phantom layers of Mettler’s voice swirl like black smoke promising the ominous fire to come. Oblique guitar passages flicker like a light giving up the … Continue reading Premiere: Kee Avil “saf”

Video Premiere: Julian Zyklus “Waterpiano n.1”

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this utterly hypnotic video for Julian Zyklus’s “Waterpiano n.1.” Visually it captures the spirit and fluidity of the song with such perfection it’s hard to imagine one existing without the other. Zylkus’s Waterpiano EP is a magical reimagining of orchestral music. The Berlin-based, Italian composer uses an intricate array of delays to mold this timeless piano arrangement into … Continue reading Video Premiere: Julian Zyklus “Waterpiano n.1”

Track Premieres: Läuten der Seele

On his debut for Hands in the Dark as Läuten der Seele, Christian Schoppik paints surrealistic aural landscapes that disorient as much as they transport listeners. Using German Heimatfilme samples as the basis for a collection of 12 dark and whimsical loop collages, Schoppik uses ageless hues and sonic connections. “Gedanken Der Mückenlarven In Der Regentonne Bei Vollmond” twists acoustic instrumentation around ghostly voices exploring … Continue reading Track Premieres: Läuten der Seele

Track Premiere: The Vex Collection “Fugue”

Led by New York-based composers Vicente Hansen Atria and Mat Muntz, The Vex Collection uses new and surprising combinations of traditional instruments and original music contraptions (designed by the composers via 3-D-printing technology) to simultaneously create an alternate sonic history and a new impossible future. On “Fugue,” highland bagpipes and Korean taepyeongso (a conical double reed instrument) intertwine with mesmerizing force. Bagpiper Matthew Welch brings … Continue reading Track Premiere: The Vex Collection “Fugue”

Video Premiere: Lexagon “When the Tide is Low”

Lexagon’s Feminine Care was one of my favorites last year and on an album full of them, “When the Tide is Low” is a real standout. Lexagon’s Alexa Burrell creates music and sound that is a conduit for connecting with a deeper spirit while acting as a tool that aids in survival. She explains about this track, “This song is about diaspora and the fragments of self lost across … Continue reading Video Premiere: Lexagon “When the Tide is Low”

Premiere: Laura Cocks “Oxygen and Reality”

I am always so taken with the ferocity and agility with which Laura Cocks plays the flute. Their new album, field anatomies, explores the degree to which a body can be pushed and what exists in the space beyond our limitations. Cocks’ music exists in simultaneous spheres of deep, investigative realities and an effervescent glow of pure, joyous expression. It is work that is heady, but … Continue reading Premiere: Laura Cocks “Oxygen and Reality”

Track Premiere: Tyler Mitchell featuring Marshall Allen “Dancing Shadows

Tyler Mitchell rejoining forces with Arkestra stalwart Marshall Allen for a set of succinct rippers is exactly what the world needs in 2022. Mitchell and Allen go back decades and, after some years stomping down their own paths and exploring different vistas, when Mitchell came back in the Arkestra in the early ‘10s, the cosmic magic reignited. Now, years later they come together in this … Continue reading Track Premiere: Tyler Mitchell featuring Marshall Allen “Dancing Shadows

Video Premiere: Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla “Endless Keg”

Mexican sound artists Alejandro Morse, Cian, and Eduardo Padilla come together for the first time on their new album, Einarth, coming soon via Dragon’s Eye Recordings. The trio’s respective orbits have often run parallel but have finally collided. This music, recorded just before the pandemic on a rooftop in León, Mexico, grinds the veneer of ceremonial dust into a fine powder before dispersing it back out … Continue reading Video Premiere: Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla “Endless Keg”

Video Premiere: Estel Luz “Ensima”

Estel Luz is an Italo-Colombian artist whose most recent album, cycles, is a hypnotic, twisting journey through the prismatic gleam. Her work exists in its own world, a place where vivid colors clash with dusty landscapes and mix together in enticing, inviting ways. Deep rift grooves blanket the horizon on “Ensima” while guitar tendrils wrap around our bodies, collectively tightening and holding our spirits close. Working … Continue reading Video Premiere: Estel Luz “Ensima”

Track Premiere: Armbruster “In the First Leaves”

Troy, New York’s Armbruster creates a warm sonic sanctuary with his new album, Masses. Using acoustic and electric violins, Armbruster communes with the open spaces of an old church where Masses was recorded. On this first single, “In the First Leaves,” lilting repetitions meditate on the gravity of weightless emotions left to percolate through generations unchecked. Each note is a soft dagger falling to the ground; a stake … Continue reading Track Premiere: Armbruster “In the First Leaves”