Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #5: Kuma

I love this description of Vancouver’s Kuma from his last record, You Cannot Cheat the Muse: “Bristol-born and Vancouver-based, Kuma has been destroying old worlds and building new ones for over two decades.” It feels like an old world at a new dawn on that album, communicated via tactile synthscapes and stretched wistful melodies. Kuma has a real sense of narrative in his music, and the same … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #5: Kuma

Track Premiere: Sinemis “Elegy” (KMRU Remix)

Sinemsis’s 2022 album, Dua, left a lasting mark. In her track-by-track feature for Foxy Digitalis last year, she hinted that this remix was in the works. KMRU’s interpretation of one of Dua’s central pieces holds its melancholy at a distance. Swelling pads shape the air around them, glowing, an invitation to step inside and feel the lamenting spirit washing through every note. Once the edges emerge, distorted melodies sear the … Continue reading Track Premiere: Sinemis “Elegy” (KMRU Remix)

Video Premiere: Yamila “Visions III”

Electronic atmospheres collide with a baroque spirit and the ghosts of Spanish folklore to create an extraordinary, magical sound world. Yamila’s Visions is a hypnotic reverie, a masterpiece of timeless narratives through a contemporary lens. “Visions III” brings this music to life through Marina Marscarell’s stellar choreography and memorable performances from dancers Yiorgos Pelagias and Marion Rastouil (who runs the camera). The vocal arrangements stutter through landscapes … Continue reading Video Premiere: Yamila “Visions III”

The Confessionals of Guy Barash

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon or subscribe to The Jewel Garden. The journey Guy Barash takes us on with his new album, Killdeer, is remarkable and dizzying at times. His years-long collaboration with author and poet Nick Flynn fully pays off here. Joined by an all-star ensemble, they create a world where big ideas like generational trauma and … Continue reading The Confessionals of Guy Barash

Video Premiere: Monde UFO “Visions of Fatima”

Astral grooves creep into the frame and find a home in an exotic lounge swimming in late-night psychedelia. Monde UFO explores the spectral beauty hidden in plain sight on “Visions of Fatima” through swirling dub-inflected drum machine rhythms, haunted organscapes, and hypnotic vocal melodies. An ancient sheen of deep space hiss and hum gilds every moment, an invitation to disassociate and glide away in swirling … Continue reading Video Premiere: Monde UFO “Visions of Fatima”

Track Premiere: Sluice “Fourth of July”

There’s a world passing us by, whether we are in constant motion or sitting quietly and still. Sluice, the recording project from Durham, North Carolina’s Justin Morris, taps into that feeling on his forthcoming album, Radial Gate. Morris reminisces through the blistering heat and firework haze on the second single, “Fourth of July,” amid a bed of droning strings and wistful, plucked guitar melodies. Pedal steel … Continue reading Track Premiere: Sluice “Fourth of July”

Jo Johnson “The Wave Ahead”

Working within and around the form of minimal electronics, the four tracks on The Wave Ahead are a form of ambulatory ambient. With gentle synthesized sounds and repeating melodic patterns, there’s obvious movement in the music – more progressive (in the momentum sense) than cyclical. The EP is more a series of journeys than an atmosphere. Overall, the sound is a sleek electronic production, with Johnson combining … Continue reading Jo Johnson “The Wave Ahead”

Premiere: Kalia Vandever “Temper the Wound”

When my friend Allison turned 21, we stayed up all night. We hit a couple bars while it was still dark out, but by 1:00 AM, we were bored. Waiting for drinks and deciding which of the three other bars downtown Durham, North Carolina offered at the time wasn’t the exciting coming-of-age tale it was meant to be. Allison wanted adventure and had never pulled … Continue reading Premiere: Kalia Vandever “Temper the Wound”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #4: Eve Maret

Eve Maret’s sonic universes always surprise me. She fuses disparate threads from the cosmic layers and rhythms surrounding us, tying them together with expansive motifs. Her latest album, Earth and Space, is sonically rich and immersive and glides on emotional waves that saturate every chord progression and arpeggio. It’s a stunning, memorable record. Maret says this mix is a selection of songs that inspired Earth and Space and … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #4: Eve Maret

Track Premiere: Mat Muntz “Džig No. 1”

At the heart of Mat Muntz’s new album, Phantom Islands, is the idea of radical syncretism, music from everywhere and nowhere. “This is a “counterfeit folk dance” which I imagine to be from the phantom island of Satanazes, a nonexistent place off the coast of Iberia,” Muntz explains. Muntz and the stellar ensemble concoct imaginary sonic histories with echoes of early blues and early 60s free … Continue reading Track Premiere: Mat Muntz “Džig No. 1”