Track Premiere: Aaron M Olson “Wealth”

In the folds of Aaron M Olson’s leisurely “Wealth,” a midnight stroll becomes a spell cast to keep sweet memories held close. Olson’s new album, Songs Album, is a languid pop slow burner, simmering in a timeless stew of influences from Jack Nitzsche to Jim O’Rourke. Lush arrangements give way to neon sunsets as “Wealth” bobs on the ocean’s surface, Olson singing wistfully before the waves … Continue reading Track Premiere: Aaron M Olson “Wealth”

Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”

Gabie Strong’s new album for Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Wilding Sun, is immersive and sonically dense. Opening track, “Lavender,” is a recording from a recent live performance celebrating an exhibition by artist Pamela Jorden (who also did the cover art for the album) that’s solemn and expressive beneath its washed-out guitar explorations. Strong’s skill in bending familiar aural landscapes into new, elusive forms of expression is exciting … Continue reading Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #25: Jamie Stewart

For Jamie Stewart’s HEXA mixtape, Exhibition Copy, he digs deep. Like the new HEXA album, his collaboration with Lawrence English, there’s a surprising thread that runs through the whole of this mix. Of course, the HEXA album, Material Interstices, is a heady subterranean drifter and while there’s some deep bass and snarling electronics peppered throughout Exhibition Copy, it’s the care and detail in how the … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #25: Jamie Stewart

Finding Calm in the Harsh Storm: An Interview With Threshing Spirit

Jordan Reyes is in constant motion. Not only does he run one of the most exciting labels around, American Dreams (not to mention all its sub-labels), he also finds space for his own work and projects. Until recently, Threshing Spirit was anonymous, ripping through dismal atmospherics and black metal landscapes with force. Now, with Reyes revealed to be the creative force behind the project, he … Continue reading Finding Calm in the Harsh Storm: An Interview With Threshing Spirit

Video Premiere: Old Man of the Woods “Sharks”

Miranda Elliott’s debut as Old Man of the Woods, Votives, is one of this year’s big surprises for me. It’s an album devoid of classification as Elliott’s songs comfortably flit from one style to another, feeling at home within a multitude of sonic spaces, but always carrying an air of vulnerability. Each pop nugget is like a different landscape painting, textural and intriguing, with deeper meaning … Continue reading Video Premiere: Old Man of the Woods “Sharks”

Ensemble Interactivo de La Habana “Studio Session”

TAK editions returns with a stunning document from the nine-person Ensemble Interactivo de La Habana (EIH), the incredible debut from this Cuban group of improvisers bringing their rapturous soundworld to US audiences for the first time. Studio Session was recorded in November 2020 after months of isolation and the sonic catharsis spread across these 40 minutes is riveting. This is an ensemble at peak form. Diverse, intricate … Continue reading Ensemble Interactivo de La Habana “Studio Session”

Track Premiere: JJJJJerome Ellis “Dysfluent Waters”

On the second offering from JJJJJerome Ellis’s forthcoming opus, The Clearing, the composer and poet creates a space where reflection brings challenges to ingrained ideas and concepts. “My thesis is that Blackness, dysfluency and music are forces that open time,” Ellis states. “Opening brings possibilities: temporal refusal, temporal escape, temporal dissent,” he says, creating a demanding yet engaging suite of music, sound, and poetry with The Clearing that … Continue reading Track Premiere: JJJJJerome Ellis “Dysfluent Waters”

Foxy Digitalis Radio #2: Patrick Shiroishi

On the second episode of Foxy Digitalis Radio on Radio Coyote, my guest was one of my favorite musicians on the planet, Patrick Shiroishi. We talked a lot about his magnificent new album, Hidemi, out this month on American Dreams as well as his other recent work that’s been focused on the Japanese concentration camps during WW2. Of course, a conversation with Patrick wouldn’t be complete without a discussion about collaboration … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Radio #2: Patrick Shiroishi

Wind Tide “Saturation Dust”

Soft breezes can be deceiving, shrouding a sea of intricate shapes beneath a swirling cloud. It’s easy to get lost in the cool movements. Wind Tide, the duo of Gretchen Korsmo and Andrew Weathers, are wandering on their latest album, the weightless Saturation Dust. Eyes closed, drifting through aqueous plains, the world within Saturation Dust is lush and inviting. There’s a sense of peering into a crystal clear … Continue reading Wind Tide “Saturation Dust”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #24: Headboggle

There’s something about Derek Gedalecia’s Headboggle project that always keeps me guessing and slightly confused. It’s one of the many reasons I am consistently smitten with his work. Beyond the interesting sonic pathways he explores, there’s a certain humor to his tunes that engages in ways that a lot of similar music fails to do. Don’t get me wrong, Gedalecia’s work is heady and thought-provoking, … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #24: Headboggle