Anthony Sahyoun “Proof By Infinite Descent”

Tuning in to the infinite frequencies saturating whatever psychic plane is currently decaying into dust, Lebanese artist Anthony Sahyoun’s proper debut, Proof By Infinite Descent, is a masterpiece. Harnessing raw shards of familiar touchstones, Sahyoun posits a world where tragedy and disaster aren’t the necessary currency to uphold the status quo. Sifting through fields of sonic and emotional debris, Proof of Infinite Descent is an intimate, vulnerable portrait … Continue reading Anthony Sahyoun “Proof By Infinite Descent”

The Ritual & The Practice of gabby fluke-mogul

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. In the past year or so, gabby fluke-mogul’s work has stuck with me like no one else’s. The way they construct sound with their violin is ageless. They are sounds built from the ancient geology beneath us; from shards of broken cosmic glass; from hidden corners within their heart and … Continue reading The Ritual & The Practice of gabby fluke-mogul

Ekin Fil “Feelings”

The experience of listening to Ekin Fil’s stunning new album, Feelings, is like the momentary blindness experienced leaving someplace dark and walking out into the daylight. Everything goes white; a pensive stillness takes over, time becomes momentarily infinite. Feelings is stuck there, rife with anxiety and longing, but also grounded with a stoic determination to not shield our eyes from the blaze. Ekin Fil has been making beautiful, … Continue reading Ekin Fil “Feelings”

No Translation “Inner Distance”

Emma Palm’s first full-length as No Translation, Inner Distance, crafts spacious aural shapes out of the most intimate and personal moments. As ever, Palm builds her soundscapes primarily using synthesizers and her voice, but the deepest cuts of Inner Distance come from the collected field recordings used that she and her mother, in Tapei, made and sent to each other throughout the last two years. … Continue reading No Translation “Inner Distance”

Daniel Wyche “Earthwork”

Chicago guitarist and composer Daniel Wyche turns the grief of dealing with loss into an outward swinging pendulum. Earthwork, written and recorded over a veritable lifetime, speaks to the complicated tangles within us; to the idea that the impermanence of living and breathing is offset by the permanence of memory. Wyche uses these soundwebs as a way to sift through the countless tendrils that need to … Continue reading Daniel Wyche “Earthwork”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #40: NONEXISTENT

NONEXISTENT is a new collaborative effort from Astrud Steehouder, Alex Tucker, and Luke J Murray and their self-titled debut is out now via Downwards Records. It’s an album with a serrated edge, cutting through all the ephemera of a present infected by a not-too-distant past. Downwards label head, Regis, says, “They have undeniably made a great electronic record that’s rooted in the soil of these … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #40: NONEXISTENT

Premiere: Steve Roden Room40 Reissues

I am always surprised by the deeply affecting nature of Steve Roden’s work. There’s a depth of clarity in his creations that always sneak up on me, like uncorking a suppressed memory or hidden trauma. Part of that comes in the minute details that give such life to his work; it’s never music to fade into the background, but in its stillness and quietude a … Continue reading Premiere: Steve Roden Room40 Reissues

Inside and Within: An Interview With Gabie Strong

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Gabie Strong says a lot without words through her work and her practice. Since her work is typically built around live performance, she had to shift her approach and find new ways to channel her expressions. Her latest album, Wilding Sun, is firmly situated within outdoor spaces even while she extracts … Continue reading Inside and Within: An Interview With Gabie Strong

PJS “Environments”

Calm waters greet us in the verdant fantasy world of PJS’s lush Environments. The duo of Patrick Dique and Jordan Christoff has sailed across countless universes in their 15-year history, yet Environments is laden with fresh blooms. Environments is a welcoming place, adrift in a cloudless sky, floating on a bed of whimsy and mirth. PJS takes us on an expansive journey, creating their own mythology with every step. Dique … Continue reading PJS “Environments”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #39: David Watson

David Watson’s upcoming collaboration with Matthew Welch, Woven, is an ecstatic vision of bagpipe reverie. It’s music that will simultaneously lift spirits and blow down the walls. For decades, Watson has been an enigmatic piper pushing the limits of his instrument and composing pieces that expand listeners’ ideas of what bagpipe music is and can be. Woven is no different.  When Room 40 boss Lawrence English mentioned that … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #39: David Watson