Puppy Seeds “Beautiful Town”

The sun is shining and a rainbow prism is glimmering through the leaves as Puppy Seeds’ lush Beautiful Town crackles to life. On four short, playful songs, Nadine Carina exudes the simple pleasures found by rediscovering moments where we feel safe and warm. “Sunday” bops through a maze-like aural obstacle course as Carina wordlessly sings above the fray, dancing with birds chirping in the sky. Arpeggios mix … Continue reading Puppy Seeds “Beautiful Town”

Forbes Graham and the Perception of Sound

Multidisciplinary artist Forbes Graham works across mediums, exploring ideas of simultaneity, perceptibility, transformation, and collage. He often works with trumpet and electronics to create thought-provoking works that challenge listeners to dig deeper. Albums like Lagos Playground and Neighborhoods of x, y, z utilize sound collage and field recordings to build unique listening environments where expectations get subverted and possibilities seem endless. These pieces often have a narrative aspect to … Continue reading Forbes Graham and the Perception of Sound

MMMΔ & Alem “L’âge de l’absolutisme”

Baroque drone is not a combination I thought I’d ever see, but MMMΔ and Alem’s new offering for Antifrost is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. From the straight opening harpsichord notes of Georg Friedrich Händel‎’s “Sarabande,” time moves in reverse. Alem’s playing starts off delicate, with a lightness that floats in the air, permeable and effervescent. Once MMMΔ begins the descent underground with subterranean cello … Continue reading MMMΔ & Alem “L’âge de l’absolutisme”

marine eyes “idyll”

Aquatic majestic soundscapes rise from dripping caves, soaked in the gentlest of tones, feeling like a sea breeze dancing across the skin. marine eyes creates music that is soft, but never light. Emotional depth cascades through her work, each chord of “shortest day” carefully chosen to evoke a particular feeling or specific moment in time, her voice a guiding light always. idyll has an infinite well of … Continue reading marine eyes “idyll”

Devin Shaffer “In My Dreams I’m There”

I’ve lost track of how many great records American Dreams has put out already this year, but Devin Shaffer’s In My Dreams I’m There may my favorite of the lot so far. In My Dreams I’m There is a perfect sonic escape from the drudgery we all experience. There’s a moment in “Carina Searches for Hollow Rock, North Carolina” – a recording of Shaffer and a friend outdoors, searching … Continue reading Devin Shaffer “In My Dreams I’m There”

Shawn E. Hansen & Nathan Alexander Pape “Joys of All Barriers”

Shawn Hansen and Nathan Pape are both determined to push the boundaries of what we think of when it comes to their respective instruments. Joys of All Barriers is the culmination of years of refining and honing their individual practices to end up in a place where this record sounds unlike anything else. Acoustic guitar and synthesizer/organ have been combined countless times before, but not like this. … Continue reading Shawn E. Hansen & Nathan Alexander Pape “Joys of All Barriers”

The Repository #11: Lailson de Holanda

Originally published in 2005, this interview with Lailson de Holanda from Recifé, Brazil’s all-time great psych group, Satwa, has been on my mind the past few weeks. Currently I am working on episode #3 of The Electric Rubicon which focuses on the inimitable Time-Lag Records. Time-Lag reissued Satwa’s only album in 2005 before reissuing things like that were all the rage. I’m not sure I … Continue reading The Repository #11: Lailson de Holanda

Atsuko Hatano “Insulated Paradise”

Japanese composer Atsuko Hatano’s longform pieces from the past year have been a revelation. With her latest, Insulated Parade, she reaches new levels. Throughout the 37-minute release, Hatano evokes dreams of better times in imagined worlds. The way it unfolds, elegantly changing direction and shape as her aural universe grows before circling back to the beginning, replete with a fresh perspective, is emotionally captivating. Insulated Parade begins … Continue reading Atsuko Hatano “Insulated Paradise”

Gretchen Korsmo “Cloud Juice”

On this first solo release from Full Spectrum’s better half, Gretchen Korsmo channels the sublime. “Really Good at Digging Holes” drops to the Earth from a sacred space, finding expression in the empty spaces between dust particles held aloft by unseen spirits. Korsmo’s voice, a spectre against the wind as methodic keys wander forlornly into the night. Weightless rattles drag behind while chimes glisten like … Continue reading Gretchen Korsmo “Cloud Juice”

Sam Gas Can “WORM FOOD”

Ten seconds into WORM FOOD and I am completely under the spell of these aqueous arpeggios. Sam Gas Can recorded WORM FOOD during a 2019 residency at WORM Klangendum Sound Studio in Rotterdam and this short collection of pieces is the result. Throughout, electronic worlds reveal themselves, painting landscapes in neon colors against a midnight blue sky.  A lot of ground is covered on WORM FOOD, though sonically it all … Continue reading Sam Gas Can “WORM FOOD”