Track Premiere: TALsounds “Dynasty (DoD Remix)”

For the second anniversary of TALsounds (aka Natalie Chami) exceptional Acquiesce, NNA Tapes are re-releasing the album on tape with a fully-remixed b-side, Requiesce, from Dust of Dreams (aka Rorik Brooks of Cloud Rat). On the original “Dynasty,” Chami’s synthetic dreamscapes follow a disjointed path where glazed-over vistas melt into neon frames. It was always one of my favorites on the album, but Brooks sends it off on a deep-space … Continue reading Track Premiere: TALsounds “Dynasty (DoD Remix)”

Steven R. Smith is Still Here

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. It’s hard to believe how long I’ve known Steven R. Smith (going on 20 years), but even more incredible is how, through all that time and before, he’s consistently written and released such good music. In the past decade or so his solo output has morphed into an entire family … Continue reading Steven R. Smith is Still Here

The 11th Hour, Episode #3: Radio

The 11th Hour is a podcast where two dudes in their 40s discuss a different Rancid song each week. They reflect on their lives, their (inexplicable) fandom, and why certain parts of our youth continue to hold meaning beyond simple nostalgia. Is it a midlife crisis or honest self-reflection? Join us on a journey to the end and find out. Follow along on Twitter or Instagram and find The 11th … Continue reading The 11th Hour, Episode #3: Radio

gabby fluke-mogul “LOVE SONGS”

Love is harsh. Visceral. A cocoon and a screaming stitch. gabby fluke-mogul’s follow-up to last year’s threshold (one of my favorite albums of 2021) is invigorating in a different way, but just as impactful. Their music has always been saturated with vulnerability and openness, but on LOVE SONGS that spirit is held closer. fluke-mogul puts so much raw emotion into their playing that it becomes infectious. They are a … Continue reading gabby fluke-mogul “LOVE SONGS”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #28: Pinkcourtesyphone

I’m not sure much needs to be said here, but when Pinkcourtesyphone delivers a mix subtitled “gelatinous suspension of beliefs,” there’s only one way this is going. Hit play, fall down jagged chasms and get stuck in a vat of enchanted ooze where dance parties wobble enthusiastically and scientific discovery is etched in puddles of spectral recitations. Massive. His new album, All Intensive Purposes, will be … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #28: Pinkcourtesyphone

Weston Olencki “Old Time Music”

The path between the past and future is rarely a straight line. Weston Olencki’s Old Time Music is a dissection, time capsule, and crystal ball all wrapped into one. Taking familiar sounds and channeling them through matrices that are time-traveling mechanisms from a distant future, but imbued with a spirit from faded history, Olencki causes us to pause and reconsider the interconnected nature of American musical tradition … Continue reading Weston Olencki “Old Time Music”

Mike Weis “Ring the Bell for the 10​,​000 Forgotten Things”

Few drummers (percussionists??) can move me the way Zelienople’s Mike Weis can. For close to two decades, his considered style and approach have evolved with curiosity and vulnerability (full disclosure, he played on my album, Bloodlines, and is the main reason that album is as good as it is). Ring the Bell for the 10,000 Forgotten Things is the culmination of his participation in the Calumet Artist Residency … Continue reading Mike Weis “Ring the Bell for the 10​,​000 Forgotten Things”

Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

Karen Vogt always knows how to weave a bit of magic with her voice and “I Know It’s Hard” is no exception. On her song for Past Inside the Present’s Healing Together compilation curated by Cynthia Bernard (marine eyes), Vogt channels an empathetic spirit into the contemplative lament. Stretching frequencies into the sky, she hovers elegantly through luminous resonance; a beacon guiding us all to a place … Continue reading Video Premiere: Karen Vogt “I Know It’s Hard”

The Opening of a Journey With An Laurence

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. An Laurence’s debut, Almost Touching, is a journey. The Montréal-based guitarist and composer brings together a number of composers to create countless new, expressive worlds in spaces that seem just out of reach. Almost Touching shows a graceful vulnerability that transforms these compositions into a powerful suite of emotive manifestations.  The further I … Continue reading The Opening of a Journey With An Laurence

Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”

An inner dialogue winds through Zekarias Thompson’s magnificent debut, Goodnight Shiva. Meditations on isolation and reconnection; the alignment of self-perception and outward realities become reveries where immersive listening reveals a river that runs beneath it all. Thompson’s hand guides this journey. He ruminates on blackness and what all that can mean as he uses these sonic expressions to find a wave of peace within his own … Continue reading Zekarias Thompson “Goodnight Shiva”