Bethan Kellough “Gravity + Sand”

The intensity of buzzing insects turns into a moving meditation on impermanence and what lies beyond on the incredible opening track of Gravity + Sand, “A Song of Wings.” Not dissimilar to the hypnosis-through-constant-movement of Ted Byrnes’ Moving My Body Through Space, the frenetic sonic mayhem of the swarm becomes strangely comforting just as Bethan Kellough’s monumental synth swells fade in. The massive chords hang … Continue reading Bethan Kellough “Gravity + Sand”

Foxy Digitalis Mix #7: New Chance

New Chance‘s Real Time has been a regular on my summer playlist showcases Victoria Cheong’s versatility and talent. She made this stellar mix for Foxy Digitalis and if this doesn’t get you into the summer groove, I don’t know what you will. Tracklist:Infinity – Human Mesh DanceAtlas – Nadine ByrneThe Sun – Alice ColtraneLine to Earth – JoeSolomon is a Cup – EquiknoxxLook Who’s in … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #7: New Chance

Ron Nagorcka “Lovregana – Music From A Tasmanian Forest / Soundscapes From Wilderness”

Italy’s invisibilia editions continues their stellar run with this dual reissue from Australia’s Ron Nagorcka. With recent interest in ambient music that combines nature field recordings and gentle music (“birdbient” as Jake Muir coined – at least I think it was Jake), these 30+-year-old recordings from Nagorcka are decades ahead of the current. With the album titles, it’s easy to get a grasp of this … Continue reading Ron Nagorcka “Lovregana – Music From A Tasmanian Forest / Soundscapes From Wilderness”

id m theft able “Well I Fell in Love With the Eye at the Bottom of the Well”

When the avant poseurs, the underground grifters, and the wannabes finally shut up their chattering there is only one truly legendary name in buzinezz – id m theft able. Based in the US state of Maine in the town of Wild Windham id m theft able is that classic global/local underground figure. Known in Windham and its surrounding townships for countless local shows but also … Continue reading id m theft able “Well I Fell in Love With the Eye at the Bottom of the Well”

The Baroque & The Basso Continuo: An Interview With MMMΔ

Even after listening to L’âge de l’absolutisme, MMMΔ’s new collaboration with Alem, dozens of times, I find myself in awe of it. Combining huge, organic drones, electronics, and baroque music is not something I’d have ever imagined. Further, the fact that the trio makes it so engaging and cohesive is an incredible feat. Their ability to create and combine an array of entrancing textures into original, … Continue reading The Baroque & The Basso Continuo: An Interview With MMMΔ

Track Premiere: Brett Naucke “The Glass Shifting”

I’ve been an admirer of Brett Naucke’s work for well over a decade now and his growth as an artist and composer in that time has been incredible. On October 1st, he will release his latest, and among his most ambitious, album Mirror Ensemble, on American Dreams. Naucke opens a wormhole to new sonic dimensions on “The Glass Shifting,” weightlessly gliding across electronic vistas. Naucke composed the … Continue reading Track Premiere: Brett Naucke “The Glass Shifting”

Tyresta & Ruan “Already Complete”

Focusing can be one of my biggest challenges. There are days where everything seems just out of reach, drifting by in the periphery like ghosts fading into the ether. Beautifully crafted moments are crystallized in Tyresta and Ruan’s collaborative Already Complete, purposefully at a distance with an invitation extended. There’s a sheen across the entirety of Already Complete where everything feels new, untouched. Arpeggios break apart, drifting skyward … Continue reading Tyresta & Ruan “Already Complete”

Andromelos2 “Space Wrecked Castaways”

Let me preface this review by recommending that anyone reading this should check out Kawabata Mokoto’s Bandcamp page. It’s an unbelievable treasure trove of solo recordings, random collaborations, AMT rarities, and so much more. One such gem is this new album from the trio of Kawabata, Nakaya Koichi, and Okano Futoshi. The original Andromelos featured Masonna on electronics back in 2004, but Kawabata and Futoshi … Continue reading Andromelos2 “Space Wrecked Castaways”

Video Premiere: Nasturtium “Across Withered Grass”

The opening guitar chords of “Across Withered Grass” float like prismatic reflections hovering above a swiftly moving current. Nasturtium, the duo of Geneva Skeen and Erin Dawson, holds a mirror toward the sun, bending the refracted waves into submission as bass growls, building into a towering inferno. Those calm early moments give way to sheer catharsis, screaming electronics firing rockets through black clouds while monuments … Continue reading Video Premiere: Nasturtium “Across Withered Grass”

The Repository #16: Head Full of Cool – David Kilgour

Came across this piece recently that my dear friend, Lee Jackson, did for Foxy Digitalis in 2004. Since Lee’s passing in 2012, I’ve thought a lot about the work we did together and as Foxy Digitalis has come back into the fold, getting these pieces back into the world has been one of the many things I’ve wanted to get done. So, with that here’s … Continue reading The Repository #16: Head Full of Cool – David Kilgour