Night Sky Body “Glim in the Mire”

Glim In The Mire is a five-track stumble of elements harnessed together in an odd mood with some random audio cables. An under-the-radar digital-only transmission from Frank Baugh’s (aka Sparkling Wide Pressure) other face, it’s the sound of someone fucking around within the limits of a self-imposed limited palette. So with beats, guitar wreckage, snatches of abstract vocals, and electronic bass, Night Sky Body creates chunks … Continue reading Night Sky Body “Glim in the Mire”

Video Premiere: Stephen Ulrich “Earthly”

The journey through Stephen Ulrich’s (of big Lazy) “Earthly” is a fluid diamond, pushed through shadowlands by emotive guitar vignettes and a curious disposition. Throughout Marco North’s video, cryptic narratives unfold within Ulrich’s rich composition’s bouncy rhythms and mischievous framework. North, an American ex-pat who fled Moscow for Tbilisi, Georgia, where he shot most of the footage, embraces the song’s lively spirit. Within the black-and-white … Continue reading Video Premiere: Stephen Ulrich “Earthly”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #2: Juho Toivonen

A mix of New Zealand weirdness from an artist/label out of Finland? I’m not sure something exists more in my wheelhouse. Be sure to check out Juho’s label, AKTI, and the latest releases from Antony Milton, Jackie O Motherfucker, Jon Collin & Niclas Anderstedt Lindgren, and Black Bevy (a new collab between Antony Milton and Thaniel Ion Lee). Tracklist:Pumice – Poor Paw PoStrange Girls – … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #2: Juho Toivonen

Track Premiere: Coral Grief “Copycat”

Lackadaisical melodies gather strength inside our afterthoughts, collapsing into melodic personal narratives adrift in light-as-air aural mazes. The Seattle trio of Lena Farr-Morrissey, Sam Fason, and, for the first time, Cam Hancock glide through diaristic dream zones. Farr-Morrissey’s plaintive delivery pulls us into this vibrant cocoon. “Copycat” is surprisingly lush, reminiscent of 90s indie pop heavyweights like Heavenly or Tiger Trap, but with an affecting … Continue reading Track Premiere: Coral Grief “Copycat”

The 11th Hour, Episode #38: GGF

The 11th Hour is a podcast where two dudes in their 40s discuss a different Rancid song each week. They reflect on their lives, their (inexplicable) fandom, and why certain parts of our youth continue to hold meaning beyond simple nostalgia. Is it a midlife crisis or honest self-reflection? Join us on a journey to the end and find out. Follow along on Twitter or … Continue reading The 11th Hour, Episode #38: GGF

The Capsule Garden Vol 2.1: January 19, 2023

January is 2/3 finished, and I still feel like my brain is only half-functioning. I don’t know why the end-of-year break zonked me out so much, but getting back into the site’s rhythm has been a struggle. But I’m working on it! With that, The Capsule Garden is moving to Thursdays! I did 41 of these columns last year, and I aim to do at … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 2.1: January 19, 2023

Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #5

I am excited to welcome the Ancient Child show to Foxy Digitalis. I’ve enjoyed their mixes tremendously in recent months, and the sonic spaces they explore fit right into the site’s building blocks. New shows will come through every other Wednesday. Their mixes are also available to stream via YouTube HERE. Tracklist:Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Protected By The Ejaculation of SerpentsThe Transcendence Orchestra – … Continue reading Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #5

Track Premiere: Lia Kohl “sit on the floor and wait for storms”

Radio fragments are the unexpected guideposts throughout Lia Kohl’s ambitious new album, The Ceiling Reposes. Static-laden voices pepper the glassine synth expressions and waving cello arrangements, tethering sonic ephemerality to a moment of familiarity. From a Vashon Island (where these radio samples are from) weather report that might as well be an inner mantra, “Weather, as you know, is stormy right now,” rises from the shifting … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lia Kohl “sit on the floor and wait for storms”

christina vantzou’s Worlds of Sound

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon or subscribe to The Jewel Garden. For as long as I have been listening to it, christina vantzou’s music has been a gentle, immersible force. Her ability to craft sonic environments that are simultaneously tactile and ephemeral creates extraordinary spectacles where the edges are soft, and the horizon never ends. Emotional depth … Continue reading christina vantzou’s Worlds of Sound

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #1: Mona Demone

Mona Demone’s 2022 album, S3RP3NT, is incredible. Beyond the effervescent melodies, pristine production, infectious rhythmic patterns, and engaging sonic construction, Demone’s music has a deeply-rooted emotional core. This music washes over our entire bodies with a sharp, cleansing force. Not only does it get us moving, but it also gets us feeling everything within and around us. It’s fantastic. Unsurprisingly, Demone brings that same generous spirit … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #1: Mona Demone