Foxy Digitalis Mix #18: Sarah Hennies

Sarah Hennies needs no introduction (though if you don’t have her incredible 2xLP on Astral Spirits from last year, what are you doing?). There’s a lot I could say about Sarah and what her influence and work has meant to me over the years (I talked a bit about this on the Gold Leaf Branches episode of The Electric Rubicon, but the shorter version is … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #18: Sarah Hennies

Video Premiere: awakened souls & From Overseas “Certainty Of Tides”

What is serenity? What does it sound like? On the opening missive from the collaborative album between awakened souls and From Overseas, serenity is an endless sky; it’s the feeling of being suspended in midair, weightless and unencumbered by gravity. Aeriform drones spread like golden wings, fueled by the anticipation of an earthly embrace. Lilting vocals are the sun kissing unseen wounds, sanguine piano chords … Continue reading Video Premiere: awakened souls & From Overseas “Certainty Of Tides”

Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders s/t

One listen of Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders self-titled new joint on Arrowhawk and I am swimming in a sea of psychedelic gold. Across seven expansive sonic explorations, Alexander and his bandmates – Drew Gardner, Jesse Sheppard, and Scott Verrastro this go-round – journey across windswept landscapes before taking flight and heading straight for the astral plane. With a cache of excellent guests like … Continue reading Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders s/t

Molly Germer “Remedy”

I love when albums like this show up in my inbox. Molly Germer is a composer and violinist from Philadelphia who has played with a wide range of artists from Japanese Breakfast and Tomberlin to The Who and Rhiannon Giddens. She’s got incredible range and it’s on display throughout her first solo release, Remedy. While it’s Germer’s incredible violin skill that immediately stands out, the way … Continue reading Molly Germer “Remedy”

Track Premiere: Field of Fear “Fallen Branch”

Ashes, the new album from Field of Fear, takes a heavy concept and transforms it into something dark and beautiful with an overwhelming power at its core. The pieces on Ashes were composed by processing pixel data from photographs taken of the aftermath of the CZU Lightning Complex fires in California last year. That data was then converted into frequencies that act “both a lament for and … Continue reading Track Premiere: Field of Fear “Fallen Branch”

Foxy Digitalis Radio #1: Imka

On the inaugural episode of Foxy Digitalis Radio on Radio Coyote, I focused on the work of Washington D.C. artist, Imka, and his plant-based music. His full-length, Manyara, used an incredible array of plants to collect the bio-electrical signals that his compositions are built around. Imka’s work continues to evolve with his monthly HEALTH live series. In this episode, I play a variety of Imka’s … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Radio #1: Imka

Video Premiere: Curved Light “Perfect Blue”

Peter Tran’s Curved Light project’s new album, Spirit Echo, is a surprise. Taking a more beat-driven, direct approach, Tran has crafted an apprehensive collection of songs where life and death is at the center. Trepidation flows like sonic currents throughout Spirit Echo, only finding a sense of solace and closure at the very end.  “Perfect Blue” closes the album, almost as a coda, with layers of spiraling, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Curved Light “Perfect Blue”

Nasturtium “Please Us”

Nasturtium is an edible flower, but my first time seeing the word (which was when I got an email about this album) made me think it was a black metal band. That dichotomy is an excellent metaphor for the compositional qualities of Please Us. In this case, Nasturtium is the duo of Erin Dawson and Geneva Skeen, two artists with disparate approaches that combine to create … Continue reading Nasturtium “Please Us”

William Selman “Saccades”

There’s different air about William Selman’s latest album, Saccades. Mystery unfolds within each self-contained sonic universe, the crevices teeming with life, the empty space an instrument of its own. While Selman’s work often challenges listeners, there’s always an engaging undercurrent to it. Saccades continues this exploratory practice but shifts the viewpoint causing adding a cinematic scope to these pieces that are a fantastic surprise. Opening with the title … Continue reading William Selman “Saccades”

Thollem Gets Back on Stage

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many artists the past 18 months, but when everything began shutting down, Thollem McDonas was at the front of my mind. McDonas is the traveling musician, having crossed the country (and world!) countless times to perform, speak, record, collaborate, and everything else in between. Sidelined since March 2020, Thollem and his wife, Angela, headed back out on the … Continue reading Thollem Gets Back on Stage