Video Premiere: MOWRI “Prevent Your Choke”

We’ve got something a little different today in MOWRI’s anthemic “Prevent Your Choke.” Culled from a deep well of influences and inspirations, the track is a blast furnace, scorching all in its path, a wake-up call stretched across hypnotic beats and haunted ethereal soundscapes. Horror-soaked visuals back up the incredible choreography and dancing from Quetz Arias, Elijah Lancaster, and Coco, bringing the visceral nature of … Continue reading Video Premiere: MOWRI “Prevent Your Choke”

Track Premiere: RAY “Soak the Ocean + Star Over Sand”

RAY is Ashley Paul’s trio project featuring Yoni Silver and Otto Willberg and on Another Sand, they light up abandoned pathways, welcoming all the hidden ghosts back into the fold. Recorded live at Cafe OTO in June of this year, this performance is textured with an array of emotions, but, as the trio’s first show post-lockdown, the dichotomy of apprehension and relief is most prominent.  On … Continue reading Track Premiere: RAY “Soak the Ocean + Star Over Sand”

Video Premiere: Baldi/Gerycz Duo “Hairstreak”

Few instrument combos do it for me as much as drums and saxophone. Something about the tonal clash and raucous energy that often infuses these duos hits me right in the sweet spot. Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi and Jayson Gerycz lay down a stream of fire on “Hairstreak,” the first taste from their new album Roadsided and Double Toothed. From the first second, Baldi and Gerycz … Continue reading Video Premiere: Baldi/Gerycz Duo “Hairstreak”

Track Premiere: Raia | Fiorito “Volatile”

On Italian composers Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito’s new album Thin Reactions, the duo share an intimate yet expansive sonic journey. This music is detailed, textured with emotion, and colored with a warm closeness. Still, the voyage is broad and immersive, and on the second single, “Volatile,” Raia and Fiorito fight against the dying light.  Fiorito’s electronic drones are solid, immovable. Earth tones build in intensity, … Continue reading Track Premiere: Raia | Fiorito “Volatile”

Track Premiere: John Thayer “Kites”

John Thayer has a laundry list of production credits under his belt, but even so his new album, Supermundane, is eye-opening. Thayer combines effervescent sonic textures and soothing field recordings to create fourth world silhouettes. “Kites,” the second single, is lush and energizing, the electronic expressions bubbling gently while gulls and waves twist in the distance. Thayer massages these delicate, intricate shapes out of a … Continue reading Track Premiere: John Thayer “Kites”

Video Premiere: Steve Roden “Oionos”

With 2022 looming on the horizon, Room 40 is starting the year off with two massive editions. First, the album+book from Mike Cooper, and also this recording and monograph from Steve Roden’s exceptional Oionos, created for the exhibition The Grand Promenade in Athens, Greece. Roden worked with Dimitris Pikionis’s Church of St. Dimitris Loumbardiardis. His piece is gentle and delightfully, highlighting the resonance of the space.  … Continue reading Video Premiere: Steve Roden “Oionos”

Video Premiere: Mike Cooper “Tirta Gangga”

Mike Cooper’s new book and album, Oceans of Milk and Treacle, is a soundtrack for an otherwise silent film. “Tirta Gangga” finds Cooper’s moving guitar treatise situated above the canopy, singing a languid melody with the hypnotic insect chorus. Lamentations for something long lost permeate the slow-moving notes, Cooper guiding each shifting chord down the river like a ferryman who’s seen it all. The stillness from … Continue reading Video Premiere: Mike Cooper “Tirta Gangga”

Track Premiere: Wendy Eisenberg “Evening Song”

Wendy Eisenberg says their new album, Bent Ring, is a meditation on work and love. Many of us have a complicated relationship with both as they push against each other and pull us apart emotionally and physically. Keeping a distance, trying to find the real amongst the many is an exhausting endeavor, but when those moments of serendipity come together it erases so much of the broken path … Continue reading Track Premiere: Wendy Eisenberg “Evening Song”

Track Premiere: Aaron M Olson “Wealth”

In the folds of Aaron M Olson’s leisurely “Wealth,” a midnight stroll becomes a spell cast to keep sweet memories held close. Olson’s new album, Songs Album, is a languid pop slow burner, simmering in a timeless stew of influences from Jack Nitzsche to Jim O’Rourke. Lush arrangements give way to neon sunsets as “Wealth” bobs on the ocean’s surface, Olson singing wistfully before the waves … Continue reading Track Premiere: Aaron M Olson “Wealth”

Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”

Gabie Strong’s new album for Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Wilding Sun, is immersive and sonically dense. Opening track, “Lavender,” is a recording from a recent live performance celebrating an exhibition by artist Pamela Jorden (who also did the cover art for the album) that’s solemn and expressive beneath its washed-out guitar explorations. Strong’s skill in bending familiar aural landscapes into new, elusive forms of expression is exciting … Continue reading Video Premiere: Gabie Strong “Lavender”