Track Premiere: Builenradar “Gas Giant”

When I saw the phrase “damaged post-apocalyptic bikerfolk” in the description for Buildenradar’s upcoming record, There Is No Hunger in Your Shame, on School of the Arts, I knew it would be in my wheelhouse. This project from Belgian artist and musician Wouter Vanhaelemeesch scours the charred ground for sweet morsels to gobble up and spit back out as a cleansing ritual.  “Gas Giant” scales the decaying … Continue reading Track Premiere: Builenradar “Gas Giant”

Video Premiere: Hot Pursuit Of Happiness “Sun Don’t Wait”

Thollem is everywhere and on his new solo guise, Hot Pursuit Of Happiness, he gets weird. I am all for anyone getting into strange zones outside of their wheelhouse, but with Thollem I get the sense there is no wheelhouse. Everything is always on the table. Hot Pursuit Of Happiness sees him turning singer/songwriter in the broadest sense of the term. Using a singular Wavestate multi-timbral … Continue reading Video Premiere: Hot Pursuit Of Happiness “Sun Don’t Wait”

Track Premiere: Brown Calvin “Perspective 44”

Kissed by the morning sun, Brown Calvin’s (aka Portland-based producer and composer Andre Burgos) “Perspective 44” beams in from distant space. Sinuous synth leads zigzag around hazy beats to find fresh spectral zones to inhabit. This is music soaked in an air of free spirits and languid natural forms trying to find a place where cosmic waves intersect with the terrestrial plane. Burgos infuses mellow … Continue reading Track Premiere: Brown Calvin “Perspective 44”

Video Premiere: George Cory Todd “I See You”

On quiet mornings, the light moves in such a way that it’s as though an opening to a new world appears. “I See You,” the first single from George Cory Todd’s new album on Atlantic Rhythms, The Other Kind, imbues this passageway with elegant sonic textures. Emotive tonal arrangements promise a different kind of dawn on the other side, but each electronic glitch makes those assurances … Continue reading Video Premiere: George Cory Todd “I See You”

Video Premiere: Linnéa Talp “Going Nowhere”

The spectral qualities of Linnéa Talp’s “Going Nowhere” are heightened in Jordana Loeb’s hypnotic video with fantastic dance and choreography by Lisen Ellard. Bodies move in silhouette, shrouded by abstracted lightforms that bring buried, ghostly harmonies to the fore. Talp’s music exists in the liminal stretches between worlds, moving through the sonic morass with purpose and inquisition. “Going Nowhere” hovers in low-frequency suspended animation drones. … Continue reading Video Premiere: Linnéa Talp “Going Nowhere”

Track Premiere: Luster “Crépuscule”

I’m always here for a good supergroup and, at least for me, that’s exactly what Luster is. This Belgian sextet features Annelies Monseré, Jelle Vanlerberghe (of Joe Speedboat), Lobke D’Hespeel (Mote), Elisabeth Cornille (Funeral Folk, etc), Yumi Verplancke (John Merrick Band), and Julie Lafontaine (Retired. Made a comeback) and across eight songs, they are suspended in time.  Using guitar, bass, and drums in conjunction with … Continue reading Track Premiere: Luster “Crépuscule”

Track Premiere: Otto Lindholm “Reg”

On his new album, FortyTwo, Belgian composer Otto Lindholm takes a sonic odyssey through liminal recesses, exploring the impermanence of time itself. Across two side-long pieces, he drifts out of sight and out of reach before returning to the starting point encouraging listeners to let go and let these sounds absorb us and examine how our perceptions change.  “Reg” sends us outward. Spacious layers undulate with … Continue reading Track Premiere: Otto Lindholm “Reg”

Video Premiere: Earl Vallie “Ready to Die”

Everything about Earl Vallie’s new album, Ghost Approaches, is larger than life. It’s perhaps especially appropriate, then, that the opening track is called “Ready to Die.” Vallie goes all-out from the opening crunch, shedding layers as the lead guitar wail bashes through every pane of glass and wall of sheetrock thrown in front of it. As the song moves forward, its gravity becomes an all-encompassing sonic … Continue reading Video Premiere: Earl Vallie “Ready to Die”

Video Premiere: Adam O’Farrill’s Stranger Days “Blackening Skies

Adam O’Farrill Stranger Days’ 2021 album, Visions Of Your Other, veers through generational dichotomies intertwined with virtuosic performances and forthright arrangements. It’s outspoken without using words, leaving a trail of debris in its sonic wake. On closer, “Blackening Skies,” O’Farrill and his Stranger Days bandmates explore anxiety-laden landscapes with austere melodies and pensive rhythms. “The rhythm of the piece is purposefully mechanical, but more as if … Continue reading Video Premiere: Adam O’Farrill’s Stranger Days “Blackening Skies

Video Premiere: New Chance “To The Edge”

Almost a year on from its release, New Chance’s (aka Victoria Cheong) fantastic Real Time continues offering new gifts. “To The Edge” is a standout from the album fueled by dystopic rhythms and subdermal bass lines that build a glossy pedestal for Cheong’s incisive, hypnotic vocal melodies. It’s a song in search of deeper, existential connection; of meaning and searching for something bigger.  The lush, bright-hued animated … Continue reading Video Premiere: New Chance “To The Edge”