Track Premiere: The Early “Lap Swim”

On the second single from their forthcoming record On Juniper, The Early find reflective resonance in liminal spaces. “Lap Swim” hums with transcendent energy flowing from Alex Lewis’s guitar. The tone is perfection, and the spark is a constant shadow lurking in the background. Drummer Jake Nussbaum is the perfect foil for Lewis’s quiet spectacles, bringing frenetic, post-rock-infused phrasings into a communal space decorated with ghost … Continue reading Track Premiere: The Early “Lap Swim”

Premiere: The Sheaves “Excess Death Cult Times”

The angles might seem all wrong on The Sheaves’ debut, the exquisitely titled Excess Death Cult Times, but perception is a twisted thing. Winding vocal melodies fall off cliffs, chased by guitar and keyboard structures that could fall to pieces at any minute. So much of The Sheaves’ charm is the ramshackle undercurrent throughout their songs. It’s a hoax, though, because this music is beautifully constructed, like a … Continue reading Premiere: The Sheaves “Excess Death Cult Times”

Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

The shape of the horizon is evolving. Chaz Prymek strings shadows together to uncover the hidden remnants of past lives and alternative memories lost in the ether. Emotive acoustic guitar plucks are searching, emboldened by Prymek’s Fuubutsushi bandmate Patrick Shiroishi’s saxophone motifs and their whimsical restraint. Birds sing. Clouds grow. Inside tiny moments, expansive landscapes bloom, rife with emotional depth and a pensive curiosity. These … Continue reading Track Premiere: Lake Mary “Slow Grass”

Track Premiere: Amy Reid “Shadow Bath”

Neon lights flood labyrinthine corridors on the bounding synthscapes of Amy Reid’s “Shadow Bath” from her upcoming EP, Utopia. There’s no way to listen to this song and not get up and move. The propulsive rhythm is the instigator, but that bassline flows through every pore. Reid’s voice is a lilting beacon hovering between glowing stars, calling us toward a distant dancefloor where the outside world … Continue reading Track Premiere: Amy Reid “Shadow Bath”

Track Premiere: Vicente Hansen Atria’s Orlando Furioso “En tornasol”

On his debut as a bandleader, Chilean drummer and composer Vicente Hansen Atria and his septet, Orlando Furioso, reimagine varying folk traditions in new and otherworldly ways. With unique instrumentation and a diverse, curious spirit, Atria and Orlando Furioso find surprising connections and contradictions within these cosmic spaces.  The first single and album opener, “En tornasol,” features Chilean pop singer, the exquisite Niña Tormenta. “This … Continue reading Track Premiere: Vicente Hansen Atria’s Orlando Furioso “En tornasol”

Track Premiere: Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller “The Yellow Bath”

It’s always a good day when two heavyweights like Aaron Turner and Jon Mueller collide. Following up on 2021’s stellar In the Falls, the duo excavates through the bedrock to find the heaviest atmospheres. The collaborative nature of their work crackles through “The Yellow Bath,” the first single from their upcoming, proper debut on American Dreams, Now That You’ve Found It. Turner’s guitar is a viscous mélange … Continue reading Track Premiere: Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller “The Yellow Bath”

The Powerful Quiet of Rishin Singh

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. Rishin Singh is a composer from Kuala Lampur now living in Berlin. Having composed for The JACK Quartet, Piano+, and others, his latest work is a solo piece for the Liszt organ in Denstedt, Germany. The instrument is legendary in its own right, but Singh’s approach to it is unique. … Continue reading The Powerful Quiet of Rishin Singh

Track Premiere: Bob Driftwood “Automatic Masochist”

Bob Driftwood sits at the center of a prismatic room. Light is split across the spectrum, revealing smoke-filled liminal passageways into the deep woods. Hidden messages dance in the subtle ultraviolet movements, chimes glistening against the wind. Everything’s on the table as Driftwood’s gentle plucks open a direct line into vacant time, his words stinging like a pointed tome about our deepest desires. Truth slithers … Continue reading Track Premiere: Bob Driftwood “Automatic Masochist”

Track Premiere: RA Washington / Jah Nada “Bobbi Lynn”

Mourning [A] BLKstar’s RA Washington and Bloody Show’s Jah Nada are joined by a cast of all-stars for an expansive beam of ethereal sonic fantasy on In Search of Our Father’s Gardens. Across three sides (and nearly 90 minutes of music), Washington, Jah Nada, and crew open a tarnished portal that cuts through the universe’s memory hole. It’s such a massive record it generates its own … Continue reading Track Premiere: RA Washington / Jah Nada “Bobbi Lynn”

Video Premiere: Arthur King “Caminando”

On Arthur King’s forthcoming album, Changing Landscapes (Mina Las Pintadas), going into the depths of the earth becomes a potent cosmic trip. The project is borne from Peter Walker’s AK Studios, and for Changing Landscapes, he and his collaborators set up at a Chilean mine. Exploring the landscape and observing the space ultimately led to a performance deep within. From all those experiences, a new sonic world was … Continue reading Video Premiere: Arthur King “Caminando”