Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

In Derek Monypeny, I’ve found a kindred spirit. We talk a bit about this in the interview, but when I saw him dedicate his incredible opus, The Hand as Dealt, to Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, and Don Cherry, I knew I’d love it. (I mean, I figured I’d be into it considering how much his second album, Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce has been played in … Continue reading Into the Desert With Derek Monypeny

Derek Monypeny “The Hand as Dealt”

On Derek Monypeny’s first album in seven years, the windows are wide open and the fresh air is bringing the dead back to life. The Hand as Dealt was hatched deep in the Mojave Desert and those ancient energies are baked into this sprawling double album. Monypeny’s work always reaches for a higher plane, but with The Hand as Dealt, he finds those spirits dancing on solid, sacred … Continue reading Derek Monypeny “The Hand as Dealt”