Video Premiere: Arthur King “Caminando”

On Arthur King’s forthcoming album, Changing Landscapes (Mina Las Pintadas), going into the depths of the earth becomes a potent cosmic trip. The project is borne from Peter Walker’s AK Studios, and for Changing Landscapes, he and his collaborators set up at a Chilean mine. Exploring the landscape and observing the space ultimately led to a performance deep within. From all those experiences, a new sonic world was … Continue reading Video Premiere: Arthur King “Caminando”

Track Premiere: Brown Calvin “Perspective 44”

Kissed by the morning sun, Brown Calvin’s (aka Portland-based producer and composer Andre Burgos) “Perspective 44” beams in from distant space. Sinuous synth leads zigzag around hazy beats to find fresh spectral zones to inhabit. This is music soaked in an air of free spirits and languid natural forms trying to find a place where cosmic waves intersect with the terrestrial plane. Burgos infuses mellow … Continue reading Track Premiere: Brown Calvin “Perspective 44”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #31: East Portal

East Portal’s debut album keeps finding its way into the back of my mind. John Atkinson and Patrick Taylor continually make surprising, unexpected choices as the record veers between discordant ledges and drifting valleys, combining the two disparate threads with elegance. Electronic silhouettes morph into the shadows of spiraling acoustic arrangements; pensive dreams become stagnant realities. It’s a beautiful record that continues to reveal itself through deeper … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #31: East Portal

Video Premiere: Space Between Clouds

The quiet shifts and momentary alterations on the title track from David Ralicke’s Space Between Clouds project have a staying power. Thoughtful transitions spark feelings of calmness and reciprocity, imbuing warmth into lilting arrangements and lyrical aural phrases. Woven between ethereal melodies is a spirit of impermanence and transformation. “The original desire for this recording came from a series of drones that I made whose … Continue reading Video Premiere: Space Between Clouds

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.12: April 1, 2022

Been in solo dad mode for a chunk of this week as Eden is at a conference in Chicago (let me mention how jealous I am since Chicago is arguably my favorite city in the US and it has been way too long since I’ve been there). Add in some other unexpected, self-inflicted clusterfucks and I wasn’t sure this edition of The Capsule Garden would … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.12: April 1, 2022

Video Premiere: East Portal “Untitled #3”

East Portal is the duo of John Atkinson and Patrick Taylor and on their self-titled debut, electro-acoustic explorations become angular playgrounds of washed-out neon where reflections are memories, and memories last forever. “Untitled #3” is an inquisitive lamentation built primarily on bass, clarinet, and pedal steel. For this project, Taylor played most of the instruments while Atkinson manipulated and processed those sounds digitally. The organic … Continue reading Video Premiere: East Portal “Untitled #3”

Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani, & Greg Leisz “Milan”

Detroit’s Alister Fawnwoda is on a roll. Coming off a handful of stellar collaborative pieces with Omar S, his gaze shifts outward and upward into the expanding universe on Milan. Joining forces with two legendary figures in Suzanne Ciani and Greg Leisz (who exclusively plays pedal steel on Milan) to create something with such meditative depth is never a bad move, but Fawnwoda guides these sessions effortlessly. … Continue reading Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani, & Greg Leisz “Milan”