Lila Bazooka “Arashiyama”

I am a sucker for bassoon music. Bassoon is one of the core components of Lila Bazooka, the duo of Sophie Bernado and Céline Grangey; the narrative spaces they create push well beyond what I imagine when I think of the instrument. Using the rich, organic timbre of Bernado’s bassoon playing as a jumping-off point, the electronics, sound design, and more cast intricate shapes against … Continue reading Lila Bazooka “Arashiyama”

An Illustrated Review of Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” Box

Back in 2005, Chris Fischer of Unread Records sent me a huge package of drawings as a submission to Foxy Digitalis. It was a review of the Albert Ayler Holy Ghost boxed set (well, half of it), but done in his trademark visual style. It remains one of my favorite things Foxy Digitalis published and, having found the scans on an old hard drive this … Continue reading An Illustrated Review of Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” Box