2021 & The Year That Was

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. It’s been almost a year since I announced Foxy Digitalis was coming back in 2021 and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first big surprise came when there was an instant outpouring of excitement and support. I honestly wasn’t sure if anyone remembered Foxy Digitalis, but then I started … Continue reading 2021 & The Year That Was

The Baroque & The Basso Continuo: An Interview With MMMΔ

Even after listening to L’âge de l’absolutisme, MMMΔ’s new collaboration with Alem, dozens of times, I find myself in awe of it. Combining huge, organic drones, electronics, and baroque music is not something I’d have ever imagined. Further, the fact that the trio makes it so engaging and cohesive is an incredible feat. Their ability to create and combine an array of entrancing textures into original, … Continue reading The Baroque & The Basso Continuo: An Interview With MMMΔ

MMMΔ & Alem “L’âge de l’absolutisme”

Baroque drone is not a combination I thought I’d ever see, but MMMΔ and Alem’s new offering for Antifrost is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. From the straight opening harpsichord notes of Georg Friedrich Händel‎’s “Sarabande,” time moves in reverse. Alem’s playing starts off delicate, with a lightness that floats in the air, permeable and effervescent. Once MMMΔ begins the descent underground with subterranean cello … Continue reading MMMΔ & Alem “L’âge de l’absolutisme”