Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions – Thollem / Nik Francis

When Astral Spirits announced this year-long series documenting some of Thollem McDonas’s collaborative recordings made in the last few years, I was immediately intrigued. As the series has unfolded the list of collaborators has grown to include the likes of Susan Alcorn, Tatsuya Nakatani, John Dieterich, and so many others, that initial excitement has been rewarded. This recent edition with percussionist Nik Francis, though, is … Continue reading Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions – Thollem / Nik Francis

Astral Spirits’ Expanding Universe

An interview with Astral Spirits founder, Nate Cross, on origins, current projects, and using your platform. Astral Spirits has become one of the most recognizable labels in the world of experimental jazz and improvised music. Since starting it in 2014, founder Nate Cross has pushed boundaries and expanded his offerings with the Astral Editions label. Cross is someone after my own heart, always looking forward and trying to figure how … Continue reading Astral Spirits’ Expanding Universe

The Countless Worlds of Colin Fisher

Thoughts on his new album, Daniel Carter, collaboration, and more. Toronto’s Colin Fisher doesn’t seem to ever stop. When you dig through his maze-like discography, there’s a huge assortment of solo works, collaborative releases, ensemble pieces and just about anything else in between. His ability to jump between a variety of instruments – saxophone, guitar, drums, and well beyond – adds not just to his versatility, but … Continue reading The Countless Worlds of Colin Fisher

Finding the Edge of the Map w/ more eaze

An interview with Mari Maurice about histories, soul mates, & what it means to connect. Plus a couple favorite cocktail recipes for good measure! There are moments on Mari Maurice’s latest album as more eaze, yearn, that make time stop cold. She has this innate ability to mix wide-ranging elements and influences into beautiful, emotion-filled pop collages. There nothing else that sounds like more eaze. Her work … Continue reading Finding the Edge of the Map w/ more eaze

Roscoe Mitchell and Mike Reed “The Ritual and The Dance”

There are few people alive that can blow a horn with the power and technical proficiency of Roscoe Mitchell. He is a true force of nature; an absolute titan. Joined up again with drummer Mike Reed on this recording from 2015, the duo are on fire from beginning to end on this 37-minute performance. They may not be going 100 mph the entire time, but … Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell and Mike Reed “The Ritual and The Dance”

Phicus “Solid”

Opening Solid with “HgO” is an optical illusion. Growls from Àlex Reviriego’s double-bass seep through your skin as if you’re being fully submerged into a dark, murky yawn. The illusion blasts apart once “HgS” kicks in and Ferran Fages’ feedback-laced guitar howl and blistering drums from Vasco Trilla unload. Solid is one hell of a ride from the get go as it weaves in-and-out of … Continue reading Phicus “Solid”