Video Premiere: Austyn Wohlers “Field of Red Craters”

Waterscapes shimmer beneath light refracted at the surface, burrowing into the soft, choreographed movements of submerged green plant life. Austyn Wohlers creates a humming collage on “Field of Red Craters” where guitar melodies float effortlessly and tension comes in resonant waves. Solid-state drones rise from the spaces left behind when the light changes, continuing the forward progression. The simple, straightforward beauty of flowing water comes … Continue reading Video Premiere: Austyn Wohlers “Field of Red Craters”

Plum Lovers “Stone to Liquid”

Plum Lovers is the long-distance duo of longtime friends Ruby Mars and Austyn Wohlers and their debut, Stone to Liquid, is an intoxicating mix of spacious tones and evolving textures. First collaborating via remote Twitch streams, they swapped files back and forth to create the mystifying yet enchanting world of Stone to Liquid. Plum Lovers’ focused drone snippets are an intertwined sonic ecosystem that breathes, grows, and … Continue reading Plum Lovers “Stone to Liquid”