Foxy Digitalis Mix #11: bahía mansa

One of my favorite projects I’ve learned about this year is Chile’s bahía mansa. As I’ve dug deeper into his sound and history, a whole world of experimental music from South America emerged. Gratefully, he offered to make a mix of some of his favorite ambient and drone music from Latin America. Tracklist: El Encanto de lo Discreto – Más AlláFrancisco Juacida – ExistenciasCatriel Nievas … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #11: bahía mansa

Into the Lush Divide With Bahía Mansa

Connecting with Iván Aguayo was serendipitous. Someone I follow on Bandcamp bought his album, La Orilla en la Que Habito, and I was immediately taken by the cover. I picked up a copy on a Bandcamp day and loved it. A day or two later, Aguayo sent me an email with information about his newest record, botánica del olvido, a beautiful sonic landscape full of aqueous sounds … Continue reading Into the Lush Divide With Bahía Mansa

Video Premiere: Bahía Mansa “amapolas”

I wrote previously about Bahía Mansa’s fantastic new album, botánica del olvido, and how creates a lush sonic paradise. Iván Aguayo put together a video for one of the standout tracks, “amapolas,” using beautifully rendered, evolving pictures from an AI image generator. It’s a lovely accompaniment to the song, getting into similar esoteric zones as the album. Grab a copy below! If you like what … Continue reading Video Premiere: Bahía Mansa “amapolas”

Bahía Mansa “botánica del olvido”

Chile’s Bahía Mansa (Iván Aguayo) caught my attention with his meandering environmental journey, La Orilla en la Que Habito, but his newest effort, botánica del olvido, is an even more memorable aural portrait. Aguayo’s music is baked in nature, adorned with pastoral field recordings of the wind blowing through trees, gentle rain, and chipper birds all accompanying layers of emotionally rich ambient tones. In certain passages on botánica … Continue reading Bahía Mansa “botánica del olvido”