Forbes Graham “Another Day, Another Vector”

This is the one. Joined by Cecilia Lopez on synthesizers and Brandon Lopez on double bass, Forbes Graham scrawls out the last vestiges of a lost civilization. Tiny soundscapes are like bursts of light stretched out through time and space, searching for a physical plane to glom onto. Graham always makes music with a tactile edge, but when joined by both Lopezes, it becomes more … Continue reading Forbes Graham “Another Day, Another Vector”

The Tangled Webs of Cecilia Lopez

Few recordings have left a bigger impression this year than Cecilia Lopez’s incredible RED(DB). This adaptation of her piece, Red, for drums and bass is monumental in more ways than one. Beyond its physical size and scope, the performance itself is something from another world. Lopez’s ability to bring a seemingly endless number of disparate threads together cohesively and engagingly is impressive.  Further, she’s worked with a … Continue reading The Tangled Webs of Cecilia Lopez

López Trio “Live at Roulette”

When an album opens with “March Motherfucker” and “Dance Motherfucker,” it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Brandon Lopez joins up with saxophonist Steve Baczkowski and first-call drummer Gerald Cleaver (along with Cecilia Lopez on synthesizer for one piece) to crank out a first-rate slab of free jazz experimentation. Veering between straight on freewheeling groan and skronk and noise-infused exploration, Live at Roulette rides a … Continue reading López Trio “Live at Roulette”

Bob Bellerue “Radioactive Desire”

Everything disintegrates eventually. Whether it sinks back into the soil or eviscerates itself into ephemera, sucked back into the open air, permanence isn’t real. Across more than two hours, Bellerue and a crew consisting of some of the foremost artists in the avant garde and free improvisation world ratchet up a bevy of combustible tensions, working feedback to the furthest reaches and surprising depths. Opener … Continue reading Bob Bellerue “Radioactive Desire”

Cecilia Lopez “Red (DB)”

Few things get my blood flowing like seeing and/or hearing a mind-bending concept not just come to life, but surpass all reasonable expectations. Cecilia Lopez’s incredible piece, Red (DB), looks and sounds incredible on paper, but watching the video of the performance and listening to these sonic tapestries, it becomes one of the most captivating pieces of music I’ve heard in the past year and … Continue reading Cecilia Lopez “Red (DB)”