Set Adrift With Brin and Josiah to Find Bliss

Brin (Colin) and Josian Steinbrick are a bit of a dream team in my mind. Their congruous thoughts and approaches to sound are the perfect playground for their differing approaches to composition to come out and mingle. Both artists are in the foreground of their lush, beautiful new album Bliss Place, and as the sonic forest unfolds from the ether, each leaves a lasting mark. The … Continue reading Set Adrift With Brin and Josiah to Find Bliss

Brin and Josiah Steinbrick “Bliss Place”

I think about what my bliss place is a lot, but it’s an ever-moving target. Brin and Josiah Steinbrick’s Bliss Place, however, is a vivid kaleidoscope where sound fractals bend into futuristic shapes and ideas. Anxiety-ridden circuitry flutters through artificial landscapes, shapeshifting through unexpected high rises covered in lush flora, creating the strangest star map imaginable.  Short coin blips and muted voices of “100 ppm” are … Continue reading Brin and Josiah Steinbrick “Bliss Place”

brin, dntel, & more eaze “futurangelics”

Emo ambient is definitely having a moment this year, which is great for me since this is right square in my wheelhouse. futureangelics is a collaboration I never expected, but one I am so incredibly thankful for. Gauzy moods hold hands with crystalline tones in this fuzzy, warm aural embrace of an album. Understated as it is, it sits in this pocket close to your … Continue reading brin, dntel, & more eaze “futurangelics”

brin “Instant Sorcery”

Instant Sorcery is as appropriate a title for this digital single from the lovely brin as there could possibly be. Both tunes here are oddly comforting. Repetitive shifts and clicks on “instant sorcery/dusted” lull you into watery zones. Ghostly tones peak out from the hiss as you feel like you’re floating through a warm, inviting cavern. It’s a strange world, but I don’t want to … Continue reading brin “Instant Sorcery”