Reynols “Tolin Asumer”

For nearly 30 years, Argentinian chaos legends Reynols have been charting a singular, tumultuous path of free form expression. Their first proper US release in nearly two decades, Tolin Asumer has the quartet in peak form. This music is never static and always searching. Venerable frontman Miguel Tomasin is, as ever, the beacon leading these jangled, jumbled sonic exorcisms through psych-infused catacombs. Tolin Asumer manages to thread the needle … Continue reading Reynols “Tolin Asumer”

Eric Arn “Highest Order”

Eric Arn is a lifer. I was first introduced to his work in 1993 on Shrimper’s Abridged Perversion compilation (a release that I often say changed my life and that’s no exaggeration). His presence in Primordial Undermind (And All Tall Monsters Stand fried my brain when I first heard it nearly 30 years ago) stands out and his evolving, individual vision and talent are on display with this … Continue reading Eric Arn “Highest Order”