Video Premiere: Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson “Dreki 2. Brölt”

When I first heard Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson’s “Dreki 2. Brölt,” I wasn’t sure what to think, but I found myself listening to it repeatedly. The more I read about Gunnarsson’s Landv​æ​ttirnar fj​ó​rar project, my interest in this strange, fascinating story grew. I highly recommend reading the liner notes for the album HERE. “Dreki 2. Brölt” is an inquisitive communion using minimalist percussion and simple, engaging wind instruments. The … Continue reading Video Premiere: Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson “Dreki 2. Brölt”

Laura Cocks “field anatomies”

The shapes Laura Cocks breathes into life with her various flutes is a bit of aural magic. On their debut full-length, five pieces from five different composers become tactile arrangements that never buckle under considerable physicality. Experimentation is as much a tool as it is a methodology and hearing Cocks’ use of it to get at the core of the real thesis here – the physical relationship … Continue reading Laura Cocks “field anatomies”

Track Premiere: The Vex Collection “Fugue”

Led by New York-based composers Vicente Hansen Atria and Mat Muntz, The Vex Collection uses new and surprising combinations of traditional instruments and original music contraptions (designed by the composers via 3-D-printing technology) to simultaneously create an alternate sonic history and a new impossible future. On “Fugue,” highland bagpipes and Korean taepyeongso (a conical double reed instrument) intertwine with mesmerizing force. Bagpiper Matthew Welch brings … Continue reading Track Premiere: The Vex Collection “Fugue”

Premiere: Laura Cocks “Oxygen and Reality”

I am always so taken with the ferocity and agility with which Laura Cocks plays the flute. Their new album, field anatomies, explores the degree to which a body can be pushed and what exists in the space beyond our limitations. Cocks’ music exists in simultaneous spheres of deep, investigative realities and an effervescent glow of pure, joyous expression. It is work that is heady, but … Continue reading Premiere: Laura Cocks “Oxygen and Reality”

Zachary Wood and Ben Roidl-Ward “arb”

I’ve been having a real bassoon renaissance the past month or so and my obsession led me to this gem from bassoonist Ben Roidl-Ward and clarinetist Zachary Good (plus, another mention of Dana Jessen’s incredible Winter Chapel, also on Carrier). With arb the two grind out deep, hollow drones. There’s this wonderful quality to these pieces where the timbres of the two instruments interact in unexpected ways, shifting … Continue reading Zachary Wood and Ben Roidl-Ward “arb”