William Selman “Saccades”

There’s different air about William Selman’s latest album, Saccades. Mystery unfolds within each self-contained sonic universe, the crevices teeming with life, the empty space an instrument of its own. While Selman’s work often challenges listeners, there’s always an engaging undercurrent to it. Saccades continues this exploratory practice but shifts the viewpoint causing adding a cinematic scope to these pieces that are a fantastic surprise. Opening with the title … Continue reading William Selman “Saccades”

Émile Zener “Laguna Cibernetica”

When I first saw the name of Émile Zener’s latest for Critique of Everyday Life, I immediately envisioned futuristic underwater landscapes and bioluminescent sea life. Reading more about the inspiration behind the album, it makes even more sense. Using an array of electronics, field recordings, and other sound sources, Zener explores the ‘psychogeographical map of the industrial maritime city.’ Chants and metallic stomps crash against … Continue reading Émile Zener “Laguna Cibernetica”