Inside No. 9, Episode #4: Black Truffle Recipes (part 2) 2016-2022

Episode #4: Black Truffle Recipes (part 2) 2016-2022 And so we enter part two of our Black Truffle feast… I open part two with a piece of incredible music. Behrman is a wonder and his compositions scratch an itch with me that rarely gets a going over. It’s timeless music that feels like it transcends all around it, yet floats in a fixed position – … Continue reading Inside No. 9, Episode #4: Black Truffle Recipes (part 2) 2016-2022

21 Songs From 21 Albums From 2021

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. A big thanks to Brad Rose for giving me the platform to share 21 of my favourite records from 2021. It’s been a long while since I wrote for Foxy D and it’s lovely to be back. You may remember me from many reports and reviews covering experimental music and … Continue reading 21 Songs From 21 Albums From 2021

Ora Clementi “Sylva Sylvarum”

Where do dreams come from? That’s something I think about more often than I actually remember my dreams these days. Ora Clementi, the duo of crys cole and James Rushford, are architects, in a way, constructing a sonic Neverland from a synthetic mosaic of lucid digital ephemera and vocal hypnosis. Details for days are spread across these 14 pieces, adding an enchanting aural realism that … Continue reading Ora Clementi “Sylva Sylvarum”

The Repository #17: Francis Plagne

I’ve been revisiting the excellent collaboration between crys cole and Francis Plagne on Black Truffle in the past week and thought it’d be fun to dig up this interview I did with Francis back in early 2006 right around when his first album came out. He’s done so much incredible work since (speaking of collaborations, the album with Andrew Chalk is obviously wonderful). Anyway. Francis … Continue reading The Repository #17: Francis Plagne