The Capsule Garden Vol 1.17: May 6, 2022

There was a lot of new music during this brutal week and in the bleakness, I am ever thankful for these sounds. It’s also Bandcamp day so, like every other day, it’s a good time to support artists. Any of these albums would be lovely additions to your collection. There’s also a new collaborative record between myself and Matt LaJoie (Herbcraft, Flower Room, Cursillistas, ML … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.17: May 6, 2022

Mina Kim / Natty Gray “Unstable Play / Tulsa Sound”

I’ve written before about the line between the conceptual and the practical when it comes to sound installations and how many site-specific pieces don’t exactly translate well to recordings. There’s no value judgment here as such pieces don’t need to translate that way, but it certainly can be interesting when they do (Cecilia Lopez’s incredible Red is a prime example). Unstable Play/Tulsa Sound walks that tightrope and delivers two distinct aural … Continue reading Mina Kim / Natty Gray “Unstable Play / Tulsa Sound”

Cult Love Sound Grinds Ahead

Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the early stages of a music and arts renaissance. Fueled by an influx of new talent, various funding pipelines, and, especially, a DIY spirit that supports local weirdos while still trying to find a place in the larger art world, it’s the most exciting period I’ve seen in the 42 years I’ve lived here. Looking behind the scenes of so much … Continue reading Cult Love Sound Grinds Ahead