Gardener “I Am Here For A Moment”

All through Dash Lewis’ latest Gardener album, I Am Here For A Moment, runs an ecstatic thread. Electronics swirl through neon-soaked skies, lighting up the night in the last days of summer. Lewis is such an underrated alchemist when it comes to experimental electronic music. Between his stellar recent collaboration with Jeff Zeigler and last year’s Calm Down, he’s hit a vein of form that continually has … Continue reading Gardener “I Am Here For A Moment”

Jeff Zeigler & Dash Lewis “Eraserhood”

Heavy doses of hypnotic electronics swirl around your skull from the opening passages of Eraserhood. Scale is a major factor here, where everything feels magnified and epic. Zeigler and Lewis get into lofty zones that stretch the imagination and open up waves of positive feeling. “Observatories” is sunkissed afternoons and warm breezes, layered synths effervescent like champagne, popping off like when it hits the back … Continue reading Jeff Zeigler & Dash Lewis “Eraserhood”