Susana López “The Edge of the Circle”

A mix of ominous electronics and darkly ethereal voices open the curtain on Susan López’s latest, The Edge of the Circle. Her arrangements move with precision, laser-focused. The sound design is captivating, and these pieces are produced in a way where every detail is honed to a point and can be heard or dissected. The Edge of the Circle is a sledgehammer with enough gravity to create its … Continue reading Susana López “The Edge of the Circle”

Bob Bellerue “Radioactive Desire”

Everything disintegrates eventually. Whether it sinks back into the soil or eviscerates itself into ephemera, sucked back into the open air, permanence isn’t real. Across more than two hours, Bellerue and a crew consisting of some of the foremost artists in the avant garde and free improvisation world ratchet up a bevy of combustible tensions, working feedback to the furthest reaches and surprising depths. Opener … Continue reading Bob Bellerue “Radioactive Desire”