2021: An Epilogue

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon. One thing I loved about Foxy Digitalis year-in-review articles in the past was that each individual writer did their own piece however they wanted (if they wanted to! It was never required) and while this new iteration of Foxy Digitalis is obviously almost entirely centered around my writing, I missed … Continue reading 2021: An Epilogue

Futoshi Muroyama “Yūtai​-​ridatsu ± (Plus​-​minus)”

The microscopic worlds Futoshi Muroyama brings to life on Yūtai​-​ridatsu ± (Plus​-​minus) are bubbling little wonders of joy. Muroyama’s work is effervescent and organic with each piece blooming into a fully-realized sonic narrative. Described as “home-recorded orchestral music,” Yūtai​-​ridatsu melts together a strange array of software instruments into an expanse of composed psychedelia that’s whimsical and oddly comforting. After a quick intro, Yūtai​-​ridatsu bursts open. “にこエレクトロ (Nico Electro)” emerges from a … Continue reading Futoshi Muroyama “Yūtai​-​ridatsu ± (Plus​-​minus)”