Hearing Landscapes: An Interview With Norman W. Long

By creating sonic landscapes built around isolated communities and environments, Norman W. Long challenges listeners to consider the relationships between people and nature that exist in post-industrial urban environments where many Black and Brown communities live. Long’s earlier piece this year, Black Space in Winter, and his latest album, Black Brown Gray Green, especially configure these environmental sounds into visceral sonic contexts. His work is imaginative and … Continue reading Hearing Landscapes: An Interview With Norman W. Long

eXU-9 “Space Cadet”

Until now I was only familiar with Norman W. Long’s incredible field-recording-based solo work, so learning about his drone project, eXU-9, was exciting. On Space Cadet, Long takes these dense explorations to find meditative spaces where we can ruminate on “freedom, resilience, expansion, openness, and universal consciousness.” There are mountains of pain and trauma underlying these recordings, but they are an act of defiance; of processing and … Continue reading eXU-9 “Space Cadet”