Forbes Graham “Another Day, Another Vector”

This is the one. Joined by Cecilia Lopez on synthesizers and Brandon Lopez on double bass, Forbes Graham scrawls out the last vestiges of a lost civilization. Tiny soundscapes are like bursts of light stretched out through time and space, searching for a physical plane to glom onto. Graham always makes music with a tactile edge, but when joined by both Lopezes, it becomes more … Continue reading Forbes Graham “Another Day, Another Vector”

The Capsule Garden Vol 1.14: April 15, 2022

The weeks continue and the sounds do too. Let’s get straight into it. Klara Livet Varandra (Self-Released) Dead folk-blues (that remind me enough of Flaming Tunes to mention it) from Astrid Mortensen (whose recent Skærgårdslyd is essential listening) and Dan Johansson. Keyboards wheeze like there’s no electricity left in the batteries but the instruments still hold a charge and have sounds that need to be extracted. Mortensen’s voice is a painted … Continue reading The Capsule Garden Vol 1.14: April 15, 2022

Forbes Graham and the Perception of Sound

Multidisciplinary artist Forbes Graham works across mediums, exploring ideas of simultaneity, perceptibility, transformation, and collage. He often works with trumpet and electronics to create thought-provoking works that challenge listeners to dig deeper. Albums like Lagos Playground and Neighborhoods of x, y, z utilize sound collage and field recordings to build unique listening environments where expectations get subverted and possibilities seem endless. These pieces often have a narrative aspect to … Continue reading Forbes Graham and the Perception of Sound

Graham / Hobbs / Nakatani / Shen “Scar’s the Limit”

Sometimes, the moment you see the line-up on an album, you know it will rearrange your brain will. With Scar’s the Limit, from the ground shaking quartet of Forbes Graham, Jim Hobbs, Tatsuya Nakatani, and Victoria Shen, the opening howl and skitter of “Scintillation Field” let you know what’s up.  Nakatani’s scratching, clanging percussion sounds like a car crash underwater; metallic fragments shoot in every … Continue reading Graham / Hobbs / Nakatani / Shen “Scar’s the Limit”