An Illustrated Review of Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” Box

Back in 2005, Chris Fischer of Unread Records sent me a huge package of drawings as a submission to Foxy Digitalis. It was a review of the Albert Ayler Holy Ghost boxed set (well, half of it), but done in his trademark visual style. It remains one of my favorite things Foxy Digitalis published and, having found the scans on an old hard drive this … Continue reading An Illustrated Review of Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” Box

Hamiet Bluiett “Bearer of the Holy Flame”

I can’t remember when I first learned about Hamiet Bluiett, but it was fairly recently. I’ve been digging into his work since, but Bearer of the Holy Flame has always eluded me. Thankfully Strut Records reissued this spellbinding session, originally issued on Black Fire, recently and it hits so many high spots for me that I keep coming back for more. Bluiett’s versatility on a … Continue reading Hamiet Bluiett “Bearer of the Holy Flame”

Astral Spirits’ Expanding Universe

An interview with Astral Spirits founder, Nate Cross, on origins, current projects, and using your platform. Astral Spirits has become one of the most recognizable labels in the world of experimental jazz and improvised music. Since starting it in 2014, founder Nate Cross has pushed boundaries and expanded his offerings with the Astral Editions label. Cross is someone after my own heart, always looking forward and trying to figure how … Continue reading Astral Spirits’ Expanding Universe

The Countless Worlds of Colin Fisher

Thoughts on his new album, Daniel Carter, collaboration, and more. Toronto’s Colin Fisher doesn’t seem to ever stop. When you dig through his maze-like discography, there’s a huge assortment of solo works, collaborative releases, ensemble pieces and just about anything else in between. His ability to jump between a variety of instruments – saxophone, guitar, drums, and well beyond – adds not just to his versatility, but … Continue reading The Countless Worlds of Colin Fisher