Track Premiere: Blue Lick “II”

Havadine Stone already made one of my favorite albums of 2021 and now she’s joined forces with Ben Baker Billington as Blue Lick and with “II,” we get our first peek inside the glass jar. Stone’s words sting like the fury of 100 fire ants, zigzagging between blades of grass seeming innocuous until the moment they make contact. “I love watching people I love,” she … Continue reading Track Premiere: Blue Lick “II”

Havadine Stone “Hyena”

There’s something meta about Hyena where it is totally self-aware, but completely unafraid. Havadine Stone has always blurred the lines between the mundane and the intimate, finding that sweet spot where there’s a deep connection made by showing you (or more accurately, letting you hear) the parts we don’t think anyone cares about.   When Stone whispers and hums on the opening piece, “Intro Hyena,” it’s … Continue reading Havadine Stone “Hyena”