Foxy Digitalis Radio #1: Imka

On the inaugural episode of Foxy Digitalis Radio on Radio Coyote, I focused on the work of Washington D.C. artist, Imka, and his plant-based music. His full-length, Manyara, used an incredible array of plants to collect the bio-electrical signals that his compositions are built around. Imka’s work continues to evolve with his monthly HEALTH live series. In this episode, I play a variety of Imka’s … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Radio #1: Imka

Imka “Manyara”

I can’t quite remember how I found Imka’s work, but his compositions built around bio-electrical signals generated from plants are, above everything else, deeply moving sonic portraits. Manyara’s gently flowing landscapes are intimate vignettes, connected through spindly tendrils and warm sun rays, collecting dust in corners we ignore lest we have to confront too many painful moments. Yet, Manyara also provides moments of otherworldly solace. These two sides … Continue reading Imka “Manyara”