Track-by-Track: Sinemis’s “Dua”

Sinemis is the new moniker from Circassian-Turkish producer Sine Buyuka, and her debut, Dua, is a wonder. Fusing disparate styles in surprising yet seamless ways and imbuing each passage with a wealth of emotion opens an immersive, transportive world. Buyuka channels the fraught unknown of experiencing and recovering from a life-threatening illness into every facet of Dua. It’s a moving, often intense listening experience that rewards repeated … Continue reading Track-by-Track: Sinemis’s “Dua”

Track Premiere: Sinemis “Dua”

Circassian-Turkish producer Sine Buyuka returns with a new project, Sinemis, and through a mesmerizing, sophisticated combination of Sufi music and ambient electronics, creates an inviting sonic landscape. Expressive, meditative tones evaporate through beautifully designed synthscapes and fractured percussive explorations. Burgeoning tension falls between the scattered rhythmic cracks, expanding outward to bring the internal struggle to the surface. As the opening track, it evolves into a … Continue reading Track Premiere: Sinemis “Dua”