Foxy Digitalis Mix #8: Ki Oni

I stumbled upon Ki Oni’s Stay Indoors and Swim (before it got expanded and reissued) earlier this year and have been rather smitten with Chuck Soo-Hoo’s work ever since. While his music is often grounded in pastoral, restorative drones, this incredible mix adds some excellent context to his work. Get into these zones! Li Yilei – CHU / 處 – from “之 / OF” – … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #8: Ki Oni

JJJJerome Ellis “Fountain #3”

There’s a moment about two minutes into JJJJerome Ellis’ somnambulant lullaby, “Fountain #3,” that my consciousness detaches from my body. Ethereal drones glide across soft, feathery clouds, moving slowly as if not to disturb the flow of the astral plane. When Ellis’ dancing flute tones flicker into existence, he’s channeling James Newton at his most graceful. Subtle shifts feel monumental inside this glowing sonic orb … Continue reading JJJJerome Ellis “Fountain #3”