Joachim Nordwall “Healing Music”

In this rotten age, Joachim Nordwall’s harsh, angular electronics tap into something sacral to erase the anxious horror spread around us. This music is pointed and rigidly refined. Oscillations electrify our firing synapses, overloading the thought patterns and distracting each movement until a comatose-like tranquility sets in. Healing Music is obliterating. Warning sirens ping the distance to the exit using reflective metallic surfaces as waypoints on the … Continue reading Joachim Nordwall “Healing Music”

Touch Turns 40

This weekend, March 11 – 13, in Los Angeles, Touch.40 will take place at 2220 Arts featuring a series of live performances, sound installations, video screenings, film panels, and informal talks. Performers include Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Bethan Kellough, Jim Haynes, Geneva Skeen, Gabie Strong + Peter Kolovos, Yann Novak, and many more. Tickets are still available and can be found HERE. To do something for … Continue reading Touch Turns 40

Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall 7”

When it comes to Swedish duos, Gustafsson and Nordwall are near the top of the heap for me. On this collaborative 7”, electronics and saxophone combine for a twisted trip. The A-Side, “Shadows of Tomorrow,” squelches and squirts through veins, traversing through the body looking for any kind of exit point. Nordwall’s minimalist static-infused waves fit neatly in the tiny sonic spaces Gustafsson’s unending, scattered-to-the-wind … Continue reading Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall 7”