Cecilia Lopez & Joe Moffett “Caprichos”

Caprichos is the debut from the duo of Cecilia Lopez and Joe Moffett, though the two have worked together in various forms since 2018. Recorded in late summer 2020, Caprichos is a strange and inviting world torn down to a granular level. Lopez on synthesizer and electronics with Moffett playing acoustic and amplified trumpet create wild tonal shapes that stretch into angular landscapes. Lopez has … Continue reading Cecilia Lopez & Joe Moffett “Caprichos”

The Tangled Webs of Cecilia Lopez

Few recordings have left a bigger impression this year than Cecilia Lopez’s incredible RED(DB). This adaptation of her piece, Red, for drums and bass is monumental in more ways than one. Beyond its physical size and scope, the performance itself is something from another world. Lopez’s ability to bring a seemingly endless number of disparate threads together cohesively and engagingly is impressive.  Further, she’s worked with a … Continue reading The Tangled Webs of Cecilia Lopez