christina vantzou’s Worlds of Sound

Foxy Digitalis depends on our awesome readers to keep things rolling. Pledge your support today via our Patreon or subscribe to The Jewel Garden. For as long as I have been listening to it, christina vantzou’s music has been a gentle, immersible force. Her ability to craft sonic environments that are simultaneously tactile and ephemeral creates extraordinary spectacles where the edges are soft, and the horizon never ends. Emotional depth … Continue reading christina vantzou’s Worlds of Sound

Video Premiere: loscil // Lawrence English “Violet”

Pulling the curtain back on this fantastic new collaboration from two all-timers reveals a methodic approach to creating restrained grandeur. Using a collection of recordings from a century-old pipe organ in Brisbane, Australia, Scott Morgan (aka loscil) and Lawrence English embark headfirst on a trip of emotive electronic pathways. Geometric patterns in the video move with a calm purpose, drawing shapes around the melancholic swells … Continue reading Video Premiere: loscil // Lawrence English “Violet”

Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #44: Alberto Boccardi

The same restraint and precision running beneath Alberto Boccardi’s most recent album, Petra, sneaks into the architecture of this mix. While these pieces’ rich and evolving textures are front and center, this music covers a wide emotional swath. Boccardi keeps his finger on the pulse, though, guiding listeners through each pace with an unwavering focus. It turns the hour of this mix into a lasting, memorable … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #44: Alberto Boccardi

Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

New episode, finally! Lots of great tunes lately, so this is only a small taste. Arushi Jain “Richer Than Blood” (Leaving)(behind) Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen “Night Chant” (577 Records)d’Eon “Poplar” (Hausu Mountain)Kasja Lindgren “Momentary Harmony” (Recital Program)New Chance “Fallen” (We Are Time)Joe McPhee, Michael Marcus, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith “Chatreuse Tulips” (Mahakala Music)(behind) Isnaj Dui “Swoon to Death” (Textura)Nick Storring “Frood” (mappa)Body Meπa “Motherwell” … Continue reading Jewel Garden Radio, Episode #3

Weekly Video Break – April 9

Welcome to the weekly video recap. Well, I hope it’ll be weekly, but if not it will be close. This week there’s three fantastic videos from loscil, Rosali, and Sarah Louise. Dig in. A new record from loscil, called Clara, will be out May 28th. It’s a stunning album. This video is for the first song on the album and should get the hairs on the back of your … Continue reading Weekly Video Break – April 9