Video Premiere: Linnéa Talp “Going Nowhere”

The spectral qualities of Linnéa Talp’s “Going Nowhere” are heightened in Jordana Loeb’s hypnotic video with fantastic dance and choreography by Lisen Ellard. Bodies move in silhouette, shrouded by abstracted lightforms that bring buried, ghostly harmonies to the fore. Talp’s music exists in the liminal stretches between worlds, moving through the sonic morass with purpose and inquisition. “Going Nowhere” hovers in low-frequency suspended animation drones. … Continue reading Video Premiere: Linnéa Talp “Going Nowhere”

Linnéa Talp “Arch of Motion”

Physical presence becomes an aural tide on Linnéa Talp’s Arch of Motion. The Swedish artist finds the stoic presence of in-between spaces and casts them into golden-hued drones. Using pipe organ as the primary instrument in these compositions, the music becomes the exhaled breath of someone finding their footing within the liminal glow.  Spread throughout Arch of Motion are cloaked, whispered harmonies. Talp weaves a solemn reverie of … Continue reading Linnéa Talp “Arch of Motion”