Yvette Janine Jackson “Test Flight No. 1”

Once Yvette Janine Jackson’s “Test Flight No. 1” blasts off, there’s a mix of excitement and apprehension that’s impossible to dislodge. As a continuation of her masterpiece, “Destination Freedom,” the narrative is fraught, yet hopeful; the sonic passages offering succor in place of malice. Inspired by early 20th-century radio plays, theatrical sound design, and a deep sense of painting strange and alluring sonic portraits with unexpected … Continue reading Yvette Janine Jackson “Test Flight No. 1”

Eiko Ishibashi “Torn Page”

The opening minute or so of Eiko Ishibashi’s “Torn Page” is a ruse. Granular tones echo through darkened tunnels, a quickened heartbeat expecting the worst. Yet, the worst never comes. Solemn drones breathe into the air, pushing back the darkness as disembodied voices invite the light to return. The seamless transition from one pole to the other is effortless, enchanting. Ishibashi is a master composer, … Continue reading Eiko Ishibashi “Torn Page”

Angel Bat Dawid “Harkening Etudes”

I don’t know that I have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to adequately express my admiration for Angel Bat Dawid. A defining musical moment in 2020 was from her live recording with The Brothahood on International Anthem on “Black Family” when you can practically feel her entire being transcending, bellowing out, “Affirm my family! Affirm my family!” It’s a transformational moment from a transformational artist, … Continue reading Angel Bat Dawid “Harkening Etudes”

C. Lavender “Transient Seclusion”

When I think about the concepts of sonic agency and building worlds through sound, C. Lavender is one of the first artists that come to mind. Her work is a conduit that takes listeners into new, uncharted zones. Whether that journey is introspective or moving through time and space, she is a guide. Transient Seclusion has a narrative flow that whisks you away through artificial … Continue reading C. Lavender “Transient Seclusion”