Lucy Railton & Kit Downes “Subaerial”

Many things about Subaerial seem impossible. Across seven spontaneous duets, Lucy Railton and Kit Downes conjure enthralling sonic spells using cello, organ, and empty space. Recorded at Skálholt Cathedral in southern Iceland, the duo travel across expansive landscapes, using various forms of drone, free improvisation, and modern classical music as touchstones before obliterating any notions of categorization. Subaerial is a mesmerizing exploration of divine sound worlds. Railton and Downes … Continue reading Lucy Railton & Kit Downes “Subaerial”

PDP III “Piled Up on a Couple of Doves”

Lucy Railton has been a fixture in my regular listening habits over the last year or so, her entry on Boomkat’s Documenting Sound series being an absolute stormer. PDP III finds her joining up with Britton Powell and Brian Leeds (aka Huerco S) for one hell of a cryptic ride. Hydration is imperative before you listen to Piled Up on a Couple of Doves because … Continue reading PDP III “Piled Up on a Couple of Doves”