Patrick Shiroishi/Luke Stewart split

I’m not sure I can name two people who are on better runs than Patrick Shiroishi and Luke Stewart, so seeing the two team up for a split makes sense. Each presents a side long piece that seamlessly complement one another, making the case for the two to collaborate as a duo some day. I can hope, anyway. Shiroishi’s offering, “Staying Human” (what a great … Continue reading Patrick Shiroishi/Luke Stewart split

Luke Stewart “1/17/2019”

On this 49 minute performance for double bass and amplifier, Luke Stewart shows off another side of his work. Deep, minimal drones levitate as the air flows around them as if they are tangible. Scrapes and plucks are like an ever-flowing heartbeat, sensing the dread to come as feedback slowly builds in the distance until it finally breaks through and cuts the drawn out solemn … Continue reading Luke Stewart “1/17/2019”

Luke Stewart & Tashi Dorji s/t

I promise not to spend this entire review extolling Luke Stewart’s genius, but looking back on 2020 he was involved in so many of my favorite records (and his double LP on Astral Spirits is an all-timer) it’s kind of ridiculous. But hell, Tashi Dorji is right there too. His sound is always unmistakably his and when you hear his work, it’s instantly recognizable. The … Continue reading Luke Stewart & Tashi Dorji s/t

Notes From the Jewel Garden #1: Back to the Future

Picking up old threads as 2013 bleeds into 2021. Hello again… On January 31st, 2013 when I pressed ‘publish’ on the final installment of my long-running column, The Long Decline, I 100% believed that was the end of Foxy Digitalis in any form. I hadn’t dropped any hints or made any announcements leading up to the formal declaration I made in that piece, but I had … Continue reading Notes From the Jewel Garden #1: Back to the Future