A Woman Will Be Heard: An Interview With Mai Sugimoto

Intensity is a common theme that permeates Chicago saxophonist Mai Sugimoto’s work. Her debut solo album, Monologue, is one of the year’s most memorable sonic statements with its ferocious physicality and melodic sensibility. For music that might be difficult, I find it surprisingly approachable and engaging. Sugimoto’s skill is boundless as she can jump between different ideas while stitching them together with a common material thread. … Continue reading A Woman Will Be Heard: An Interview With Mai Sugimoto

Foxy Digitalis Mix #8: Ki Oni

I stumbled upon Ki Oni’s Stay Indoors and Swim (before it got expanded and reissued) earlier this year and have been rather smitten with Chuck Soo-Hoo’s work ever since. While his music is often grounded in pastoral, restorative drones, this incredible mix adds some excellent context to his work. Get into these zones! Li Yilei – CHU / 處 – from “之 / OF” – … Continue reading Foxy Digitalis Mix #8: Ki Oni

Mai Sugimoto “monologue”

To borrow an idea from my friend Pete Fosco, monologue has physicality that demands your attention from the first notes Mai Sugimoto blows on her saxophone on the opening title track. Through the nine minutes of solo alto sax excursions, Sugimoto puts her whole being into this work. Falling back on a simple, hypnotic passage throughout, she absolutely soars into another plane, pushing the boundaries … Continue reading Mai Sugimoto “monologue”